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DeBlasio’s New Twist on Columbus Bodes Ill for Group Politics Here
October 19, 2013, New York section

Voters May Yet Come To Regret DeBlasio and Move to Lhota, Suggests Our Man in the Bronx
September 18, 2013, New York section

How History Beckons For Anthony Weiner To Run for Mayor in New York
May 16, 2013, New York section

How Ed Koch Leapt to the Head of the Field and Won The Heart of New York
February 4, 2013, New York section

How Macchiarola Set a Standard for Schools — Without Mistaking
Himself for God

December 19, 2012, New York section

Falling Traffic Congrestion a Sympton of Weak Economy
May 23, 2012, New York section

Turnaround Now Possible in the Bronx as Its President Comes Into His Own
January 19, 2012, New York section

Weak Results on National Tests Are a Wake-Up Call for Parents in New York
November 14, 2011, New York section

How Israel Can Have a Big Impact Via a Congressional Race
September 14, 2011, National section

Startling Study in Belgium Suggests Rate of Heart Disease Decreases With More Salt in Diet
May 6, 2011, New York section

Formal Search Needed for New York Schools Chancellor
April 10, 2011, New York section

Bloomberg Skating on Thin Ice as He Casts Aside the Democratic Process
February 11, 2011, New York section

A Chimera Emerges at the Helm of New York Schools
November 28, 2010, New York section

Fix Appears To Be In at Secret Hearing on Next City Schools Chancellor
November 22, 2010, New York section

Public Deserves Full Hearing on Bloomberg’s Nominee for Chancellor of Schools
November 14, 2010, New York section

Tale of the Bronx Fires Perfect for Mayor Bloomberg’s Kindle
August 26, 2010, New York section

New York Emerges as Cautionary Tale on Charter Schools
May 3, 2010, National section

What Is Cooking in Albany
March 14, 2010, Opinion section

Ravitch Offers Passionate Defense of America’s Public School System
March 2, 2010, Opinion section

Flat Earth Society
October 24, 2009, Opinion section

Bloomberg’s Diversion Strategy
October 18, 2009, Opinion section

The Dreaded Cupcake
October 10, 2009, Opinion section

New York’s Education Challenge
October 2, 2009, Opinion section

School Change We Can Believe In
September 29, 2008, Opinion section

For Love of a Ballpark
September 22, 2008, Opinion section

Pass the Frosted Flakes
September 15, 2008, Opinion section

Bronx Democrats In Post-Primary Disarray
September 11, 2008, New York section

Finding a Flawed Structure
September 5, 2008, Opinion section

Panning for Fool's Gold
August 29, 2008, Opinion section

Save Yankee Stadium? Babe's Granddaughter Says 'Yes'
August 22, 2008, Opinion section

Hobson's Choice
August 15, 2008, Opinion section

How Much Mayoral Control?
August 11, 2008, Opinion section

Waiting For the Regents
August 4, 2008, Opinion section

Fasten Your Seatbelts
July 25, 2008, Opinion section

Save Yankee Stadium
July 18, 2008, Opinion section

School Lessons From China
July 11, 2008, Opinion section

Three American Originals
July 3, 2008, Opinion section

Middle Management
June 27, 2008, Opinion section

'Civil Rights' or Good Instruction?
June 20, 2008, Opinion section

The Ikea That Never Was
June 12, 2008, Opinion section

For Whom Beller Tolls
June 6, 2008, Opinion section

The Phoney War
May 30, 2008, Opinion section

The Education of Ms. Quinn
May 23, 2008, Opinion section

Commissioner on the Hot Seat
May 16, 2008, Opinion section

Herman Badillo's Vision
May 2, 2008, Opinion section

New York's Academic Race: Learning From Siena
April 25, 2008, Opinion section

McCann School of Education
April 18, 2008, Opinion section

Making Do With Fewer Dollars
April 11, 2008, Opinion section

History for the Speaker
April 4, 2008, Opinion section

Paterson's Pocketbook
March 28, 2008, Opinion section