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Most Recent Articles by Betsy McCaughey

NYC at the Abyss: Use the Financial Control Board
October 13, 2020, New York section

Post Office Plot Emerges as Fake Election Crisis
August 27, 2020, National section

Coronavirus Proves Immune to Political Correctness
February 12, 2020, National section

Logic and Law Favor A Short Trial In the Senate
December 18, 2019, National section

Iowa Shows Democrats Moving Left
June 15, 2019, National section

Democrats’ Glee May Curdle At Supreme Court
May 29, 2019, National section

New Attack By Elites On Deplorables
December 26, 2018, National section

Socialism Tops Agenda Of D’crats
October 10, 2018, National section

Why Democrats Chase Trump On Emoluments
October 3, 2018, National section

Trump-Cohen Drama Spotlights Plea Bargains
August 29, 2018, National section

Opioid Crisis Triggers a Shakedown
August 22, 2018, National section

Kremlin Eyes U.S. Power Grid as Pols Take a Powder
August 8, 2018, National section

Demagogues Aim To Sink Kavanaugh
July 17, 2018, National section

Janus Case A Big Win For Workers
June 28, 2018, National section

O’Care Could End
As Justice Spurns
Program’s Defense

June 8, 2018, National section

Cuomo Threatens Suit Against the Feds On Immigration Battle
May 1, 2018, New York section

Hospitals Play God,
Cut Short Lives Of
Tots in Their Care

April 25, 2018, National section

Case for Trump Tariffs
Centers on the Danger
Of a Genuine War

March 13, 2018, Foreign section

A Not-So-Subtle Threat
Issued by de Blasio
In Public Unions Case

February 27, 2018, National section

Veterans Agency Emerges
As the Glaring Example
Of a Broken Civil Service

July 12, 2017, National section

In America’s Drug Crisis,
Pandering Pols Emerge
As Big Part of Problem

April 4, 2017, National section

Withdrawal From the UN
Gains Logic as a Reform
In the Era of Trump

March 23, 2017, Foreign section

Economy Is Emerging
As the Untold Story
Of Trump’s First 100 Days

March 8, 2017, National section

Call It ‘Going Original’:
Time’s Come To End
The Senate’s Filibuster

February 8, 2017, National section

Battle Lines Forming
Over Trump’s Nominee
To Supreme Court

November 30, 2016, National section

Ceding Control of Internet
Puts the Global Debate
Under Threat of Censors

October 4, 2016, National section

Tax-Shaming of Trump
Fails To Tempt Him,
At Least So Far

August 2, 2016, National section

Battle Over Airbnb
Takes Center Stage
At Democratic Parley

July 26, 2016, National section

Democrats Feel the Bern
As Left Wing Hammers
Anti-Business Platform

July 7, 2016, National section

As Obama Economy Falters
Feds Could Yet Force Pols
To Bare Their Tax Returns

June 7, 2016, National section

Wake Up Call for Feds
On Unstoppable Germs
Arises in Pennsylvania

June 2, 2016, National section

Beyond All the Bluster
Trump’s Economic Plan
Focuses on Growth, Jobs

May 5, 2016, National section

Soaring Suicides Emerge
As a National Crisis
Laid to Economic Stall

April 26, 2016, Editorials section

Devil Will Lurk in Details
As GOP Maneuvers
To Replace Obamacare

April 20, 2016, National section

Clinton Campaign Owns Up
To the ‘Crushing’ Costs
Of Real-Life Obamacare

March 29, 2016, National section

‘Adios, Guantanamo’ Is Tune
Obama Could Be Humming
Enroute Back From Cuba

March 9, 2016, Foreign section

Baby Left in Manger
Reminds the City
Of Safe Haven Laws

December 3, 2015, New York section

Chaos in the Congress
Is the Drum of Democracy
As Freedom Finds a Caucus

October 13, 2015, National section

Failure of Reform at VA
Beckons Donald Trump
With a Promise of Firings

September 14, 2015, National section

Derelicts Now Demanding
To Live on the Streets
As Matter of Right

August 19, 2015, New York section

How Legionnaires Deaths
Stem From Confusion
At U.S. Disease Centers

August 12, 2015, New York section

Look Out, Grandma:
Uncle Sam Is Selling
‘Death With Dignity’

July 12, 2015, National section

Scotuscare Marks a Victory
For Federal Tax Agency,
Sets Up a Fight in Congress

June 25, 2015, National section

John Q. Taxpayer Gets Hit
In Budget of the GOP,
Though It Beats Obama Plan

March 30, 2015, National section

How Hillary Clinton
Rode Bill’s Coattails
Around Glass Ceiling

March 22, 2015, National section

Big Changes to Obamacare
If 9 Enforce Law’s Letter
In Case of State Subsidies

February 27, 2015, National section

Hold the Applause
For Obama’s Demarche
On Personalized Medicine

January 27, 2015, National section

How U.S. Disease Unit
Lost Its Core Mission
Amid Confusions of Policy

January 15, 2015, National section

New York Slips to 4th Place
As Population Flees Taxes,
Seeks Jobs Elsewhere

December 30, 2014, New York section

Winners and Losers Emerge
From the 1,695 Pages
Of the $1.1 Trillion Budget

December 15, 2014, National section