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America's Crash Course On Islam
September 11, 2007, Foreign section

Getting the Instruction Right at Khalil Gibran
September 5, 2007, New York section

Keep the Koran Legal
August 29, 2007, Foreign section

Uniting To Exclude Saudi Arabian Airlines
August 21, 2007, Foreign section

New Approach Needed for Arab School
August 15, 2007, New York section

Countries Threatened With Extinction
August 7, 2007, Foreign section

Salvaging the Iraq War
July 24, 2007, Foreign section

Red Mosque in Rebellion
July 17, 2007, Foreign section

To Terrify Tehran, Unleash the Iranian Opposition
July 10, 2007, Foreign section

Shoeless President Bush
July 3, 2007, Foreign section

Salman Rushdie And British Backbone
June 26, 2007, Foreign section

For Israel, an Overt Vs. Half-Covert Foe
June 19, 2007, Foreign section

Israeli Jets Vs. Iran Nukes
June 12, 2007, Foreign section

Islamists in the Courtroom
June 5, 2007, National section

The Soviets' Six-Day War
May 29, 2007, Foreign section

The Real Arab School Fear
May 22, 2007, New York section

A Critical Moment For Turkey
May 15, 2007, Foreign section

Ignoring Moderates Empowers Extremists
May 8, 2007, Foreign section

Reviving Hitler's ‘Big Lie' To Vilify the Jewish State
May 1, 2007, Foreign section

A Madrassa Grows In Brooklyn
April 24, 2007, Foreign section

Bolstering Moderate Muslims
April 17, 2007, Foreign section

How the West Could Lose
December 26, 2006, Foreign section

Israel's Domestic Enemy
December 19, 2006, Foreign section

Baker Report Would Turn Failed Ideas Into Policy
December 12, 2006, Foreign section

Moderate Islam May Be Key To Winning War on Terror
December 5, 2006, Foreign section

Redeeming the Wayward University System
November 28, 2006, National section

Time To Recognize Failure Of Israel-Egypt Treaty
November 21, 2006, Foreign section

Steyn's New Book Combines Humor, Accuracy, Depth
November 14, 2006, Foreign section

In 1796, U.S. Vowed Friendliness With Islam
November 7, 2006, National section

U.N. Indecision on Iran Leaves Bush With Tough Choices
October 31, 2006, Foreign section

In Iraq, Stay the Course - but Change It
October 24, 2006, Foreign section

The West Must Learn The Public Relations of War
October 17, 2006, Foreign section

Don't Bring That Booze Into My Taxi
October 10, 2006, National section

NATO vs. Radical Islamists
October 3, 2006, Foreign section

A Look at Islamic Violence
September 26, 2006, Foreign section

The West Should Be Free To Criticize Islam
September 19, 2006, Foreign section

How Terrorism Has Failed The Cause of Radical Islam
September 12, 2006, National section

Five Years After 9/11, U.S. Makes Progress on Security
September 5, 2006, National section

Piggybacking On Terror In Britain
August 29, 2006, Foreign section

Calls for Racial Profiling Increase After London Plot
August 22, 2006, National section

Press Bias Exposes Strange Logic of War
August 15, 2006, Foreign section

Seattle Rampage Is a Case Of ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome'
August 8, 2006, National section

This Cease-Fire Won't Hold
August 1, 2006, Foreign section

Mistakes That Led to This Unnecessary War
July 18, 2006, Foreign section

What British Muslims Think
July 11, 2006, Foreign section

Survey of World's Muslims Yields Dismaying Results
June 27, 2006, Foreign section

Exploring the Strength Of Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
June 20, 2006, Foreign section

Does the Police Department Profile? Should It?
June 13, 2006, New York section

The Power of Muslim Zionism
June 6, 2006, Foreign section

New Route to the West
May 30, 2006, Foreign section