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Most Recent Articles by Eli Lake

5th U.S. Fleet Seeks Action Over Piracy
September 30, 2008, Foreign section

Bin Laden's Son Makes Return to Pakistan
September 29, 2008, Foreign section

U.S Shrugs At N. Korea Nuclear Move
September 25, 2008, Foreign section

McCain To Go Negative in Stretch
September 23, 2008, National section

Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise
September 22, 2008, Foreign section

Embassy Attack in Yemen a 'Wake-Up Call'
September 19, 2008, Foreign section

Bin Laden's Organization Regroups at Yemen
September 18, 2008, Foreign section

Britain Breaks With U.S. Over Pakistan
September 17, 2008, Foreign section

Israel Waging 'Secret War With Iran'
September 15, 2008, Foreign section

The Youth Vote Attracts Both Campaigns
September 12, 2008, National section

Succession Is Question For Pyongyang
September 10, 2008, Foreign section

American Raids Penetrating Pakistan
September 9, 2008, Foreign section

Russia Sets War Games in Caribbean
September 8, 2008, Foreign section

Adviser Says McCain Will Be Balanced on Foreign Policy
September 4, 2008, National section

Palin Speech Is Abruptly Canceled
September 3, 2008, National section

Doug Feith Joins the Hudson Institute
September 3, 2008, National section

GOP Warns Democrats Over Palin
September 2, 2008, National section

Obama To Take On McCain Abortion Record
August 29, 2008, National section

Sharif Maneuvers for Power in Pakistan
August 26, 2008, Foreign section

Iran Plans New Nuclear Facility
August 25, 2008, Foreign section

Woodward Book May Credit Petraeus
August 22, 2008, National section

Obama Adviser Offers Some Advice to Damascus
August 20, 2008, National section

Iran Threatens Strait of Hormuz
August 5, 2008, Foreign section

Sadr Hold May Be Slipping In Iraq
August 5, 2008, Foreign section

Peter Rodman, 64, Was a Top Pentagon Official
August 4, 2008, National section

Bush's Order on Intelligence Sparks a Furor in Congress
August 1, 2008, National section

Olmert Ouster Likely To Slow Peace Parley
July 31, 2008, Foreign section

Bush Meets Chinese Democracy Activists
July 30, 2008, National section

Bush Proposes Merit Pay For Diplomats
July 25, 2008, National section

Israeli Visit Will Pose Obama Tour's Biggest Test
July 23, 2008, Foreign section

Maliki Bets That Obama Will Prevail
July 22, 2008, Foreign section

Obama, Maliki May Soon Talk of a Timeline
July 21, 2008, National section

Despite Saudi Promises, Textbooks Filled With Hate
July 18, 2008, Foreign section

Bush's Iran Decision Brings Mixed Reactions
July 17, 2008, Foreign section

Obama Outlines Plan for 'True Success' in Iraq
July 16, 2008, National section

McCain Will Call for a Surge of Troops to Afghanistan
July 15, 2008, Foreign section

Obama, McCain Congratulate Generals on Senate Confirmation
July 11, 2008, National section

Tel Aviv, U.S. Vessels 'First Targets' as Iran Tests Missiles
July 10, 2008, Foreign section

Iraq Timeline Spills Into U.S. Presidential Campaign
July 9, 2008, Foreign section

Bomb in Kabul May Ignite India, Pakistan Tensions
July 8, 2008, Foreign section

Russia Threatens Military Response to U.S. Missile Shield
July 8, 2008, Foreign section

Obama Said To Back Away From 2005 N. Korea Ultimatum
July 1, 2008, National section

Forging a Conservative Future: 'Grand New Party'
July 1, 2008, Arts+ section

Bush Deal on N. Korea Meets Skepticism From Republicans
June 27, 2008, Foreign section

Mandela, ANC Step Up Pressure on Mugabe
June 26, 2008, Foreign section

McCain and Obama Call for Mugabe's Ouster
June 25, 2008, Foreign section

Iran's 'Nightmare Scenarios' Are Mulled in Washington
June 24, 2008, Foreign section

New Sanctions for Zimbabwe Likely as Opposition Quits
June 23, 2008, Foreign section

Congressman Asks Terrorist Screening of Gaza Fulbrights
June 20, 2008, Foreign section

Israel May Be Training for Strikes at Iran Sites
June 20, 2008, Foreign section