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Results for Topic: Gun Control

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Trump Surprise Could Upend Democrats’ Plans
New York Sun  |  January 15, 2019
Excerpt: It is time for the president to take his opponents by surprise, as Richard Nixon once did. In 1971, President Nixon astounded his critics with the announcement of the trip to China and later his call for wage and price controls to prevent inflation ...

Lock and Load?
New York Sun  |  June 29, 2010
Excerpt: One of the most illuminating questions in respect of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the right to keep and bear arms is whether it should be applauded by the liberals or by conservatives — or both. The court, in a case called McDonald v. Chicago ...

Gun Nuts
New York Sun  |  September 26, 2008
Excerpt: These columns have been defending Second Amendment rights against the Bloomberg administration, but there comes a point where the gun-dealers cross the line to indefensible, and the Daily News had a story this week about one such line. It turns out ...

House Eases D.C. Gun Ownership Laws
New York Sun  |  September 17, 2008
Excerpt: WASHINGTON — The pro-gun majority in the House has voted to make it easier for residents of the nation's capital to buy and own firearms. Democrats who favor gun rights joined Republicans in approving the measure backed by the National Rifle ...

Libertarian Candidate Argues Gun Lawsuit Against Bloomberg
New York Sun  |  September 17, 2008
Excerpt: ATLANTA — Mayor Bloomberg defamed a Georgia sporting goods store when he labeled it one of several "rogue gun dealers" putting firearms on his city's streets, a Libertarian presidential candidate, Bob Barr, argued yesterday to a federal appeals court ...

Tension Arises as City Deals With Out-of-State Gun Store
New York Sun  |  August 25, 2008
Excerpt: Note: Correction appended. Mayor Bloomberg's insistence that New York City routinely inspect out-of-state gun stores recently led to a tense moment in a small Pennsylvania town. The owner of a gun shop in Mount Penn, Pa., barred the city's emissary ...

New Yorkers' Gun Rights May Rest on Hot Dog Vendor's Case
New York Sun  |  August 1, 2008
Excerpt: If New York's strict antigun laws are overturned in the near future, it may be the work of a hot dog vendor. The vendor, Daniel Vargas, is due next month in court to fight misdemeanor charges that he kept an unlicensed revolver loaded on a basement ...

D.C. Residents Apply for Handgun Permits
New York Sun  |  July 17, 2008
Excerpt: The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that overturned Washington's strict 32-year-old handgun ban, Dick Heller, was among the first to arrive as the city started registering firearms. ...

D.C. Votes New Gun Restrictions Into Law
New York Sun  |  July 15, 2008
Excerpt: WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia Council approved new firearms legislation today that will allow residents to begin applying for handgun permits this week. The council's unanimous vote comes as officials try to comply with last month's U.S ...

Armed To Save Lives
New York Sun  |  July 9, 2008
Excerpt: 'Repeal the Second Amendment," the Chicago Tribune editorialized. "The Supreme Court on Thursday all but ensured that even more Americans will die," the New York Times said. "[T]he Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms only in relation to ...