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Religious New Yorkers at Risk of Government Action Under Same-Sex Marriage Law, Professors Warn
New York Sun  |  June 15, 2011
Excerpt: NEW YORK — As the question of same-gender marriage in New York goes down to the wire at Albany, experts on the legal impact of the changes being sought are warning that religious exemptions in Governor Cuomo’s bill have fallen far short of what the ...

New York City’s Shocking Abortion Plan
New York Sun  |  June 15, 2019
Excerpt: No wonder New York City’s latest move in respect of abortion was advanced “under the radar,” as the New York Times put it. The plan being hatched to start allocating taxpayer funds for abortions for poor women who travel here from other states ...

How Sweet It Is
New York Sun  |  March 11, 2013
Excerpt: The ruling of the New York State Supreme Court blocking Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary soft drinks is a clarion call for the liberty — and adulthood — of New Yorkers. It’s too soon to say whether the court order, a permanent injunction handed ...

Malpass’ Momentum
New York Sun  |  September 12, 2010
Excerpt: New York’s Republican primary is set for Tuesday, and, in the most important race, it looks like the last-minute momentum is with David Malpass for Senate. The New York Sun was the first newspaper to endorse Mr. Malpass. We did so in an editorial back ...

‘Inexpicable Blunder’ Marks Report on Term Limits in City
New York Sun  |  August 17, 2010
Excerpt: The Charter Revision Commission, appointed by Mayor Bloomberg on March 3 to recommend changes in the City Charter, has brought forth its recommendations. In order to appear on the November ballot, the changes must be submitted to the City Clerk sixty ...

Albany Awaits The Day When Money Runs Out
New York Sun  |  July 9, 2010
Excerpt: The state budget - or the lack of it - is as unpleasant a subject as the heat wave, and we had hoped that by now both issues would have been resolved. Unfortunately, the parties in Albany remain far apart. Today we are 98 days behind the legal ...

David Malpass for the GOP
New York Sun  |  June 4, 2010
Excerpt: The good news out of the New York State Republican Party convention is that there is going to be a primary to make the final choice for a nominee to oppose Senator Gillibrand in November — and our endorsement is David Malpass. He came within a whisker ...

Opportunity Knocks in New York
New York Sun  |  March 22, 2010
Excerpt: The entry of David Malpass into the lists for the Republican nomination for United States Senator from New York is one of those opportunities for which the state has been have been waiting. ...

Red-Letter Day in Albany As the Law Takes a Hand
New York Sun  |  February 11, 2010
Excerpt: Yesterday was a red letter day in both political corruption and criminal behavior. We observed the indictment of Councilman Larry Seabrook for a multitude of crimes over seven years, and the expulsion from the Senate of Hiram Monserrate. Both are noteworthy events. ...

Flat Earth Society
New York Sun  |  October 24, 2009
Excerpt: No sooner did the Daily News lambast critics of Mayor Bloomberg’s educational program as “flat earth” adherents than the federal NAEP math test released its results, which undermine the mayor’s claims for academic improvements on his watch. ...