Inconvenient Truth, Indeed

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For the watchdogs of Israeli influence in Washington, I have an inconvenient truth, indeed. You have a powerful new enemy. Forget the neocons and the regime change in Iraq. Now is the time for the self-appointed guardians of the national interest to look over the horizon and see the next operation the agents of the Jewish state in America are plotting.

Notice Al Gore. Yes, Al Gore: Huffington Post favorite, netroots royalty, the man who opposed the Iraq war before Juan Cole did. That Al Gore. He has flipped. The former vice president may have given a landmark speech in 2002 opposing the second Gulf War. But with his new movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore has just launched a campaign to bankrupt the Saudi royal family and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Now Al Gore, of course, will say that his plan to put the house of Saud and heirs of Khomeini into penury is motivated out of concern for the shrinking polar ice caps and his fervent hope to insure that numerous cities, many American, remain unflooded. But a clear-eyed observer need only ask whom all this altruism benefits to uncover the former vice president’s real agenda.

No, all of this greenhouse gases and carbon emissions mumbo-jumbo is cover for a Zionist-Likudnik-neocon plot. If the Gore plan catches on and American citizens start demanding engines free of fossil fuel and candidates dedicated to overtaxing gasoline and forcing car manufacturers to meet European air quality standards, it will be worse than 20 Projects for a New American Century, 50 Weekly Standards, a hundred Charles Krauthammers.

Do I jest? I only suggest that an America powered by alternative fuels is a disaster to Middle East Studies as we know it. Who will endow university chairs reserved for professors who compare Israeli policies to Syrian ethnic cleansing if Saudi Arabia’s chief export is sand? Who will pay for all those Council on Foreign Relations studies demanding endless negotiations with Iran or reenergized peace processes, if the big oil companies suddenly no longer care about canoodling with the Arab and Persian despots? What will become of the diligent CIA operations officer when he wants to retire if there are no more oil companies or family owned oil kingdoms to employ him? Realist foreign policy may never recover from Al Gore’s environmentalism.

That’s just the impact in Washington. If Saudi Arabia falls, consider the devastation to the Madrassa start up business on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. If Iran’s petroleum profits dry up, where will Hezbollah fighters receive their spiritual guidance, let alone their small arms and phony passports? Mr. Gore’s Daily Kos fans may eventually wake up to the prospect that his vision could stop Hugo Chavez of Venezuela from using his oil profits to tip the balance of Latin America’s elections in favor of anti-American populists.

The netroots should have seen this one coming. I say, the speech for Mr. Gore was only a ruse. If you look back at the man’s career, he has been consistently in the pocket of the Israelis. Aipac lobbyists used affectionately to call him the third senator from New York. In the 1980s, Mr. Gore had the audacity to press for a resolution demanding that Arafat be made to account for his role in approving the assassination of a former American ambassador in Khartoum, just as American Jews were beginning to meet with members of the Arafat organization in Oslo, Norway.

Now some people might say that a politician is entitled to change his mind, but in light of this recent movie and his reemphasis on “environmentalism,” Mr. Gore’s flirtation with his party’s anti-war base must be seen as something else. Why, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that this pivot by Mr. Gore is nothing less than an intelligence operation. Many of Mr. Gore’s biggest fans on the left, the ones most outraged today by the Zionists, may end up enlisted by Mr. Gore as foot soldiers in a plan that would benefit no one so much as the Jewish State.

So when people talk about an inconvenient truth and let them talk about who really benefits from Al Gore’s crusade against global warming? The only thing stopping the Israelis for now is the internal combustion engine foisted off on the American people by none other than Henry Ford. The case is rested.

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