Joseph Biden’s Presidential Oath

Editorial of The New York Sun
December 3, 2020

“I, Joseph Biden, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitut . . . well, Mr. Chief Justice, before I go on, let me just...

Europe Sends Its Condolences to Iran

Editorial of The New York Sun
December 1, 2020

Ever wonder why so many Americans share President Trump’s skepticism of Europe? Look no further than its reaction to the assassination of the mastermind of Iran’s atomic-bomb project. Moshen Fakhrizadeh was a leader of Iran’s effort to obtain an...

Biden Era Brews As the Times Plumps for Socialism

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
November 30, 2020

Anyone under the illusion that Joe Biden’s victory over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary had vanquished the threat of socialism from American shores can get a reality check by picking up the Sunday New York Times, which features...

Obama on Israel: Broken Promise, Full of Falsehoods

By DOV LIPMAN, Special to the Sun
November 30, 2020

I have never criticized former U.S. President Barack Obama publicly — neither during my time in the Knesset nor anywhere else — despite my having disagreed with many of his policies. I am of the strong opinion that Israelis should not engage in or...

Et Tu, Labor? UK Opposition Backs Deal With Europe

By STEPHEN MacLEAN, Special to the Sun
November 27, 2020

Is the fix in for Brino, as your correspondent likes to call Brexit in name only? Britons fervent for their nation’s independence from the European Union must give pause in the face of news that the Labor leader, Sir Keir Starmer, announces that his...


The First Brexit-Era Trade Deal: Hold the Champagne

By STEPHEN MacLEAN, Special to the Sun
November 24, 2020

Reports from London that the United Kingdom has secured a bilateral trade deal with Canada ought to bolster Brexiteer morale. Despite all of the setbacks of the last year toward finalizing an agreement with the European Union, surely this is a step in...

Message to Biden Via Saudi Parley: No Turning Back

By BENNY AVNI, Special to the Sun
November 23, 2020

How the story of today’s first known American-Israeli-Saudi summit was first reported is significant — and suggests that it was calculated to influence Vice President Biden and the foreign policy team he is preparing to put in place in Washington. The...

And Now ‘Brino’: Brexit In, Alas, Name Only

By STEPHEN MacLEAN, Special to the Sun
November 13, 2020

News from Downing Street tonight — that prime ministerial chief adviser Dominic Cummings has left Downing Street — alarms friends of British liberty. Mr. Cummings was the dynamo behind the “Vote Leave” campaign that saw Brexit triumph at the 2016...


Janet Yellen to Treasury? So Much for Fed Independence

Editorial of The New York Sun
November 23, 2020

News that Vice President Biden intends to nominate the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, to be treasury secretary certainly has its ironies. We’re still in the midst of watching the Democrats maneuver to defeat the nomination to...

Vainglory of the Press

Editorial of The New York Sun
November 20, 2020

Of all the claims that have been made in this election, the most astounding is the idea that the proper authority to certify the winner — and dispose of all objections — is the press. That would be the same press that proved to be so inaccurate in...

A Way Forward for Judy Shelton

Editorial of The New York Sun
November 17, 2020

The Democrats may be celebrating this evening their success in at least temporarily blocking the Senate from voting on the nomination to the Federal Reserve of Judy Shelton. It might not be the end of the line, though. For it looks like Ms. Shelton...


How Odd That 44 States Voted Without Claims Of Skullduggery

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
November 25, 2020

The rising chorus of those demanding the finalization of Joe Biden’s election victory or merely deluging the president with sanctimonious claptrap about “affirming the system” and being a gentleman and practitioner of fair play and good sportsmanship...

Biden’s Job One: Join Congress To Fix Immigration

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
November 23, 2020

The announcement by the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index that Tesla Inc. would join the index of large U.S. stocks is the latest reminder of the importance of immigrants to America’s success. Tesla’s founder and chief executive, Elon Musk, is now the...

Biden Has a Path To a Successful Presidency

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
November 23, 2020

There is a pathway to significant success for a President Biden. It is hard to detect, given the questionable nature of his apparent election, fragmented party, likely inability to enact anything that he currently supports in the Congress, and the...