The Moment Janet Yellen Moved for ‘Greasing the Wheels’ With Inflation

By JUDY SHELTON, Special to the Sun | June 17, 2021

The next time you hear a Federal Reserve official intone about the central bank’s commitment to “price stability,” you might take a moment to reflect on how that goal came to be defined as 2% inflation. The 2% number is so ingrained that our monetary...



Message to Iran: ‘The Era of Lies Is Over’ 

By BENNY AVNI, Special to the Sun
June 15, 2021

As Israel’s new government settles in, President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett agree to disagree on Iran — which means we could be at the start of a geopolitical game of good-cop-bad-cop. Addressing the Knesset before the Sunday vote that made him...

Squad’s Success in Moving Democrats on Israel Portends Trouble on Other Issues

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
June 15, 2021

During the latest battle between Israel and Hamas, I wrote about how the Democratic Party, which used to be Israel’s greatest defender, has turned against the Jewish state. Even formally strong supporters of Israel, like Senator Chuck Schumer, have...

The Kamala Harris Doctrine: ‘Do Not Come’ 

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
June 14, 2021

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free...” — Emma Lazarus, poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty installed in 1903. “I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek...

Israel’s Victory for Democracy

Editorial of The New York Sun
June 13, 2021

The first thing that needs to be said in respect of Israel’s decision to bring in Naftali Bennett as prime minister is that it marks a victory for the democracy of the Jewish state. That’s not because it brought an end, at least for now, to the...


While BoJo Hosts the G7, Labor Party Woes Mask Weakness of Conservatives

By STEPHEN MacLEAN, Special to the Sun
June 12, 2021

“Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself,” Napoleon astutely observed. With Britain’s ruling Conservatives enjoying the “weather gauge” and their Labor opposition in the doldrums, Napoleon’s military metaphor is no less apt...

Pandemic Will Alter China’s Relationship With the World

By CONRAD BLACK, Special to the Sun
June 9, 2021

The tidal wave of probability, circumstantial evidence of such mass and consistency that it is now almost irrefutable, that the novel coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, will alter China’s relationship with the world and...

An Israeli Government Without Bibi Starts To Look Possible

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Says Our Man at the U.N.

By BENNY AVNI, Special to the Sun
May 29, 2021 | * * *

As the prospect of a non-Bibi government begins to emerge in Israel, some in Washington, Europe and Turtle Bay cheer, hoping for a sharp left turn in Jerusalem. Hey there: as Larry David warns, curb your enthusiasm. If agreements are finalized, the...


Women and the Draft — Forget Fairness

Editorial of The New York Sun
June 8, 2021

The decision of the Supreme Court to turn away a lawsuit designed to extend the military draft to women certainly puts us on the back foot. It might be just a generational thing. Then again, too, we did start out our newspaper — and, for two years...

Kamala Harris Runs Aground at Annapolis

Editorial of The New York Sun
May 31, 2021

Not since President Obama’s speech to graduating cadets of the class of 2014 at West Point have there been remarks to a military academy as atonal as those Vice President Harris just delivered to the midshipmen at Annapolis. Ms. Harris talked to our midshipmen trained for naval warfare of the perils of climate change and the niftiness of solar panels. Not a peep about how Russia, Iran, and Red China are maneuvering for conquest.

Nigel Farage Has a Message for the Democratic Party in America

Editorial of The New York Sun
May 26, 2021

The heads-up this week to American Democrats from Nigel Farage strikes us as more newsworthy than its coverage so far would suggest. He’s warning that left-wing hostility to Israel could deliver to Democrats the kind of political catastrophe that befell Labor in Britain in December 2019. That’s when voters, reacting in part to Labor’s hostility to the Jewish state, gave Conservatives such a victory that Jeremy Corbyn was forced to resign.


Is Jimmy Carter Back, or What?

A Flash of Inflation Signals a Warning, But . . .

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
June 11, 2021

Is Jimmy Carter back, or what? There’s a big inflation report today — another 0.6% in May. That’s 8.4% at an annual rate over the past three months. It’s 6.5% at an annual rate for the first five months of this year. The Federal Reserve’s target used...

Beyond Lois Lerner: Is Europe Now Writing American Tax Policy?

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
June 10, 2021

Who was Lois Lerner? She was at the center of the last big scandal at the Internal Revenue Service. It occurred during the Obama years. Ms. Lerner was head of the exempt organizations division of the IRS. She learned that groups with Tea Party...

The Extended Vaccinated Trumpian V-shaped Recovery

The Good, the Bad, and the Group of Seven

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
June 8, 2021

Several weeks ago I read a wonderful column by my old pal Gerry Baker of the Wall Street Journal. It was titled, “Did Biden Peak on Inauguration Day? Covid confusion, Mideast chaos and the threat of inflation — He doesn’t have many victories to point...