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Ms. Skenazy is president of Let Grow, a contributing writer at Reason.com, and…

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How We Went From Trusting Children To Infantilizing Them

We’ve lost our ability to see children as competent. To regain it, we must put the cart before the horse: Send our children out before we are quite sure they — or we — can handle it. And then see the results.

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Instead of Giving Children Smart Phones, Normalize Giving Them More Real-World Independence

Currently, phones are serving the role that ‘go play outside’ used to play: a way for children to be out of our hair, occupied, without it costing much.

Lukas via Pexels.com
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What Is Vindication: How ‘America’s Worst Mom’ Achieved Acclaim — and Even Became a Clue on ‘Jeopardy’

For starters, let your 9-year-old do something the world considers dangerous — in my case, ride the New York City subway alone.

Lenore Skenazy
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Rising Anxiety, Mental Illness Among Today’s College Students Suggests a Generation That Never Achieved Independence From Their Parents

It’s easy to see how a generation never allowed to play, walk around the neighborhood, or even drift over to the dairy section without anxious adults watching and assisting them might just be unprepared for the real world — or even eating in the dining hall.

Redjar via Wikimedia Commons CC2.0
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What Ever Happened to the Jolly Green Giant, and Other Iconic Spokescreatures?

Alas, life has not been kind to all our old favorites.

Wallace Parry via Wikimedia Commons CC3.0
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Best-Sellers in the Making — for Pre-Literate Overachievers

Savvy publishers are busy preparing the very first self-help books for preschoolers.

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