Biden, Dodging Criticism Over Illegal Aliens in New York, Will on September 11 Lurk in Alaska, Where He Could Face a Chilly Reception

Mayor Adams rages against the president for ignoring New York’s pleas for help as more than 100,000 illegal aliens surge into the city.

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President Biden, center joined by (left-right) President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, and Mayor Bloomberg on September 11, 2021 at New York City. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Biden plans to skip New York City’s annual remembrance of the terror attack on September 11. Instead, he will spend the day in Alaska, about as far away as possible. Who can blame him? 

Mayor Adams is raging at the Democratic president for ignoring New York’s pleas for help with a migrant crisis that, Hizzoner says, threatens to destroy New York. And that’s just the latest development.

New Yorkers remember September 11 for not only the terror attacks that brought down the World Trade towers and killed some 2,700 people, but also now as the date by which Mr. Biden promised to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan. 

Given the horrifying execution of that plan, which caused the deaths of 13 American service members, most Americans will be in no mood to celebrate. Moreover, Mr. Biden’s recent travels have shown that the president risks humiliation when venturing out. 

While at Lake Tahoe, Mr. Biden emerged from a Pilates class and was greeted with boos from the attendant crowd. Not long before, Mr. Biden had been booed when he visited Maui, trying to repair the political damage done by his insensitive reaction to the island’s wildfires.   

Yet few places might be less welcoming of the president today than New York City, which is currently hosting more than 100,000 illegal aliens, thanks to Mr. Biden’s dismantling of our border security.  

On Mr. Biden’s watch, some 5.8 million people have entered our country illegally and been “encountered” at our southern border; an additional 1.6 million have evaded capture. Nearly 3 million have been released into the country, most given a court date far in the future to present their claims for asylum. 

The White House has taken no responsibility for the border collapse, even though in his first 100 days in office Biden took 94 executive actions on immigration, including stopping the construction of an unfinished border wall.  

A year ago, Mr. Biden ended former President Trump’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, and this May, the White House further abdicated its responsibility by announcing it would release migrants into the U.S. with no way to track them. 

Thanks to the governors of Texas, Arizona, and Florida, who bused illegal aliens to New York, Chicago, the District of Columbia, and elsewhere, the crisis has spread nationwide. 

New Yorkers are furious; city residents, already shouldering one of the highest tax burdens in the nation, are shelling out billions for the migrants’ housing, food, medical care, and the education of their children.  

It is not just the cost; it is also another drag on New Yorkers’ security and quality of life. Hundreds of undocumented persons are housed at the Roosevelt Hotel in the city’s center. With nothing to do, many spend their days on the surrounding sidewalks, disrupting local businesses.

The New York Post has reported that some 41 arrests have been made at the hotel since May on charges of domestic violence, child endangerment, and assaulting a worker. One Venezuelan, who arrived in New York in late June, has already been arrested six times for over a dozen different crimes, almost all violent. 

The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, has cried foul over the ongoing flow of illegal persons into New York. Governor Hochul has chimed in and traveled to Washington, D.C., to appeal to the White House for help. The president claimed he was too busy to see her, though the President’s public schedule appeared sparse; he shunted her off to a meeting with his Chief of Staff. 

Despite Democrats controlling New York’s political landscape, the Biden White House has refused any significant assistance in dealing with the migrant crisis. Anger over that insult has grown. 

In 2022 Republicans captured Democrat-held House seats in New York as voters lashed out about rising crime. In 2024, outrage over the flood of illegal aliens could further weaken the Democrats’ stranglehold on the city and state.   

For all these reasons, Mr. Biden is smart to head to Alaska, which has been blessedly removed from the migrant issue and where he may avoid more public embarrassment. 

Even so, the president did allow a Communist  spy balloon to waft over the frontier state and has done everything possible to shut down our country’s oil and gas industry, source of Alaska’s wealth. Come to think of it, the so-called “last frontier” may not be as welcoming a destination as Mr. Biden’s handlers hope. 


This column has been updated from the bulldog.

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