Biden Doubles Down on His Open Border Policies, Even as Migrant Crime Wreaks Havoc Across America

Brutal gang warfare is crossing the southern border into our sanctuary cities.

AP/Christian Chavez
Migrants approach the border wall at Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on the other side of the border from El Paso, Texas, December 21, 2022. AP/Christian Chavez

President Biden’s open border is killing innocent Americans. It must be stopped.

Illegal immigrant gotaways are now running close to 2 million during the Biden years, according to congressional sources, plus 7.4 million recorded illegals crossing the border according to ICE — for a total of more than 9 million.

And, on top of that, Mr. Biden now wants to add a new “parole in place” for illegal alien spouses that would be one of the most extensive, executive amnesty actions in over thirty years, according to the former homeland security secretary Chad Wolf.

This is another example of the Bidens using parole authority extensively and unlawfully.

And it would put who knows how many illegals on an expedited path of three years to American citizenship — so they could vote in the 2028 election.

All this, even though there already exists a longstanding process for illegal alien spouses of American citizens to qualify for legal status.

Some estimates of Mr. Biden’s new actions are about 500,000 people, but frankly there’s no telling why it won’t be an even larger number.

And, underneath this illegal spousal problem, is an incentive for fraudulent marriages, which is really one of the key problems in the first place.  

And all of this is happening while Mr. Biden claims a pause in the number of migrants crossing the southern border when we reach a daily average of 2,500 over the span of a week. That number has already been completely breached, though.

Frankly, no matter what Mr. Biden’s election-year rhetoric, the reality is the southern border is still wide open.

Recent reports suggest the northern border is wide open as well — with as many as 3,000 illegals crossing just in May alone.

The country is in an uproar over Mr. Biden’s illegal immigration.

To some extent, it’s an economic issue, as employment data suggests that cheap-labor illegals — who actually work — are displacing native-born Americans from job opportunities and depressing real wages.

Of course, so many of the illegals do not work, and Democratic blue states in particular are forced to pay generously for free food, housing, healthcare, and public services that may ultimately wind up crowding out America’s long-standing entitlement system.

The greatest tragedy is the sheer criminality bound up in this immigration nightmare.

An El Salvadorean criminal who was caught and deported three times for crimes in American — and before that he murdered a young woman in El Salvador — just days ago was arrested for the murder of a young mother of five in suburban Maryland.

Just Tuesday morning, an Ecuadorian migrant was arrested in connection with the rape of a 13-year old girl in broad daylight at a park in Queens, New York.

The brutality and savagery of these crimes is beyond comprehension.

Brutal gang warfare has come across the southern border into our sanctuary cities, where blue-state mayors and governors will not in most not cases cooperate with border authorities to deport these criminals.

And, as these human atrocities occur, Mr. Biden has the incredible gall to say to the American people that he is actually going to expand his crime-ridden web of illegality and amnesty and his assault on middle-class values and the lives of innocent people.

It is no wonder that a recent poll shows that 53 percent of Hispanics favor deportation of all illegals.

You can just feel the intensity of Americans of all stripes screaming out: for heaven’s sake, stop this madness.

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business Network.

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