Democrats, in a Last Ditch Defense as Summer Approaches, Near Bottom of Their Profound Bag of Dirty Tricks

Democrats carry California and New York by about 3.5 million votes more than the Republicans carry Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Dakota, Mr. Trump could lead the remaining 44 states by ten million to 14 million votes.

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President Trump speaks at a rally at Summerville, South Carolina, September 25, 2023. AP/Artie Walker Jr., file

Last week was the first time in some years that the United States seemed to be returning to its senses. The Supreme Court heard the argument from former President Trump’s counsel that he deserved immunity for actions taken in the execution of the office of president. It was likely from the questions of the justices that the majority of them are going to find some level of immunity.

The court will likely not report its findings until the end of June and if there is then anything left of the indictments of Mr. Trump, there is still unlikely to be any chance of a trial of those issues before the election, nor any significant absorption of the former president’s time to campaign for reelection.

The absurdly negligent and egomaniacal conduct of Fani Willis seems to have sunk the Georgia case, at least until after the election. This will bring down the great Democratic pseudo-legal assault on Mr. Trump to the unutterable nonsense now underway at New York, led by the district attorney, Alvin Bragg. We had one full week of trial last week, and it was an even more conspicuous fiasco than had been anticipated.

David Pecker, formerly of the National Enquirer, called as a state witness, gave useful evidence for the defendant. He confirmed that he sometimes acted at Mr. Trump’s behest to kill potentially damaging stories. This is a practice in which every remotely significant politician in the United States and all other democratic countries have engaged since Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton waged press wars against each other in the last decade of the 18th century.

After this first week of the so-called hush money trial, no one, not even those in the legions of fanatical Trump-haters, purport to find any damage to Mr. Trump, and nothing in the innocuous testimony to date enables the identification of any crime being alleged. The vacuity of this case is far beyond Mr. Bragg’s abilities to disguise. The opening of the trial had been hoped by the Democrats to focus an unpleasant light on the former president and have a negative impact on his polling results.

The reverse was the case, as there continues to appear to be a larger number of Americans, repelled both by the shambles of this administration and by this perversion of the criminal justice system and its reduction to being merely an adjunct to the dirty tricks division of the Democratic National Committee, than the slowly declining numbers of Americans who are almost pathologically averse to the prospect of Mr. Trump returning to the White House.

The Democratic strategist and continuator of the Saul Alinsky tradition, David Axelrod, expressed in a television news program last week his concern that the failure of the Bragg indictment could “taint” the other charges. The fear is that the failure of this unimaginably spurious effort to confect a felony out of two non-misdemeanors that are not really connected and in defiance of time limitations, will make the subsequent legal cases less plausible. 

Bingo. This is a completely disreputable and farcical action that Mr. Bragg himself had abandoned, but was goaded into relaunching and armed with a top Trump-hating Justice Department Trump-prosecutor to advance. It does indeed weaken the Democratic strategy to strangle Mr. Trump’s reelection effort in a morass of phony legal challenges.

The Alinsky of our times laments the fact that the utterly nonsensical prosecution is likely to fail and make the reception of further nonsensical prosecutions less shocking to the voters. The feared result of this is that the strategy of a barrage of unfounded and overblown legal complaints will not, after all, have the desired effect of destroying the Trump campaign.

There appeared also to be progress in the tensest foreign crises. Mr. Trump’s intervention on behalf of passage of the substantial aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan has been instrumental not only in emboldening the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, to bring the legislation forward and pass it, but also so far has dissuaded the right-wing troglodytes and Paleolithic isolationists in the Republican House delegation from acting on their mouthy threats to try to overturn the speaker.

The correlation of forces in Ukraine has shifted again, and Russia appears likely to be mired up to the American election day in a stalemated war with a much smaller country it illegally and brutally invaded and expected to have crushed two years ago.

Equally important, the Israeli government appears to have reached an agreement with Washington whereby in exchange for a moderate response to the failed Iranian attempt to carpet bomb Israel with attack drones and cruise and ballistic missiles, Israel would no longer be hassled by the United States for moving to complete the extermination of Hamas as a terrorist organization, after Israel evacuates more than a million women, children, and apparently noncombatant men. These are groups Hamas specializes in using as human shields for their terrorist units.

The appalling apologetics under the threadbare and much abused right of freedom of expression of Jew-baiting mobs disturbing the campuses of many of the country’s traditionally leading universities are slowly forcing the Biden administration to opt for the traditional Democratic moderate center over the America-hating venomous snake that it had nurtured at its breast since the “summer of love (and) peaceful protest” of 2020 that led to outright lawlessness in many cities, killed at least 25 people and injured hundreds, and cost over $2 billion of property damage.

The attempt to straddle between these two irreconcilable groups that is the fallback strategy of the desperate administration that four years ago encouraged this army of racist lunatics that now accuses President Biden of genocide, is collapsing. Good sense is slowly recapturing municipal and state governments that defunded police, decriminalized minor larceny and drug abuse, and induced a mighty urban crime wave. 

The approximately 90 percent of the national political press that remain uncritical supporters of an administration that is generally reckoned to have failed, still claims it will be a close selection. There is no reason at this time to expect a close election. The rabidly anti-Trump CNN groaned to acknowledge that their latest poll last week gave Mr. Trump a six-point lead over Mr. Biden.

Most polls show Mr. Trump running between two percentage points and six percentage points ahead in the overall popular vote, but except for Rasmussen and Trafalgar almost all the polling organizations are operated by left-wing universities and media outlets, and they traditionally underestimate Mr. Trump by 2 points or 3 points.

When it is factored in that the Democrats carry California and New York by about 3.5 million votes more than the Republicans carry Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Dakota, equivalent groups of states in electoral votes, Mr. Trump is now likely to lead the remaining 44 states by ten million to 14 million votes.

Last week the Republicans announced a plan to deploy 100,000 campaign workers to counter Democratic ballot harvesting, especially in the swing states where Mr. Trump is now leading by a larger margin on the balance of error in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and North Carolina. The Republicans are also recruiting large numbers of specialist lawyers in all the swing states and have solemnly declared that they will fight for every unverified vote in a way that they did not begin to do four years ago.                           

This is the last-ditch defense of the Democrats: stealing the election with harvested ballots that cannot be verified or scrutinized. They are almost at the bottom of their profound bag of dirty tricks and continue to fail on the economy, the southern border, the green terror, crime, and foreign policy, apart from what Donald Trump and Speaker Johnson salvaged for them last week in the bill to aid Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

At this point, a fair election seems reasonably possible, and the chances of tarring and feathering the leader of the opposition are unpromising. The American system has always saved itself in the past, and there are clear indications that it is doing so now.

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