House Committee Releases Documents It Claims Prove Hunter Biden ‘Came Before Congress and Lied’ About His Business Dealings in China, Ukraine

‘Not only did Hunter Biden refuse to comply with his initial subpoena until threatened with criminal contempt, but he then came before Congress and lied,’ the committee chairman says.

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Hunter Biden departs a House Oversight Committee meeting on January 10, 2024, at Washington, D.C. Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

The House Ways and Means Committee has released a trove of documents that committee leaders say prove that the Justice Department sought to obstruct the criminal investigation into Hunter Biden and that the first son was actively running an “influence-peddling scheme” in which he sought to profit off his father’s name. 

The Republican-controlled committee voted to waive a section of the Internal Revenue Service code that protects tax information in order to refute “lies” Mr. Biden allegedly told during his sworn testimony before impeachment investigators earlier this year. 

“Hunter Biden has shown once again he believes there are two systems of justice in this country — one for his family, and one for everyone else. Not only did Hunter Biden refuse to comply with his initial subpoena until threatened with criminal contempt, but he then came before Congress and lied,” the chairman of the committee, Congressman Jason Smith, said in a press release. 

“Lying during sworn testimony is a felony offense that the Department of Justice has prosecuted numerous individuals for in recent years, and the American people expect the same accountability for the son of the President of the United States,” he continued.  

Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) speaks during a House Committee on Ways and Means in the Longworth House Office Building on April 30, 2024 at Washington, DC. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Mr. Smith’s committee is now outlining specific lies it claims Mr. Biden told during his sworn testimony.

One such lie concerns Mr. Biden’s infamous WhatsApp exchange in 2017 with a colleague at the Communist Chinese energy firm CEFC, Raymond Zhao, in which he threatened to hold a grudge against the company if an enormous payment was not sent to him immediately. Mr. Biden said in the message that his father was sitting next to him as he sent the message. 

In his deposition, Mr. Biden claimed that he had sent that message to “the wrong Zhao” while high on drugs and that the Mr. Zhao he texted “had no understanding or even remotely knew what the hell I was even Goddamn talking about.” 

The Ways and Means Committee released documents Wednesday showing that Mr. Biden was, in fact, in contact with the correct Mr. Zhao during the initial text exchange. The messages, provided to the committee by Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers, show that Mr. Biden remained in contact with that same phone number for three months, and discussed matters related to CEFC with the recipient. 

President Biden and his son Hunter Biden talk with guests during the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn on April 01, 2024 at Washington, DC. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Another lie, according to the committee, was when  Mr. Biden claimed in his deposition that he had no control over one of his shell consulting companies, Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which Mr. Biden founded in 2013 with Christopher Heinz, the ketchup heir and stepson of Secretary Kerry, and Mr. Heinz’s college friend, Devon Archer. Tax records released by one whistleblower, Joseph Ziegler, who has for years worked as an investigator for the IRS, show that Mr. Biden signed documents affirming his ownership and control of the company. “I, Robert Hunter Biden, hereby certify that I am the duly elected, qualified and acting Secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC,” Mr. Biden wrote in a document released by the committee. 

“Hunter Biden’s lies under oath, and obstruction of a congressional investigation into his family’s potential corruption, calls into question other pieces of his testimony,” Mr. Smith says. “The newly released evidence affirms, once again, the only witnesses who can be trusted to tell the truth in this investigation are the IRS whistleblowers.” 

In what the committee characterizes as yet another lie, Mr. Biden claimed in his deposition that he would not perform official services for clients, and would “never pick up the phone and call anybody for a visa,” according to the documents. 

The information released by the Ways and Means Committee appears to show that Mr. Biden did, in fact, ask for visas on behalf of foreign clients, including Nikolay Zlochevsky, the founder and chief executive of Burisma, which employed Mr. Biden for years to sit on its board, despite his having no experience in the energy sector, and paid him as much as $80,000 per month. 

Chris Heinz, stepson of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and former business partner of Hunter BIden. Bill Pugliano/Getty Images
Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, gets into an elevator as he arrives for closed-door testimony with the House Oversight Committee at the O’Neill House Office Building July 31, 2023 at Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In an email released by the committee, Mr. Biden’s former business associate, Archer, communicated to Mr. Zlochevsky’s associates that the two would help the Ukrainian keep his American visa. “Hunter is checking with Miguel Aleman to see if he can provide cover to Kola on the visa,” the email stated. 

Miguel Aleman is a billionaire Mexican tycoon whom then-Vice President Biden entertained at his official office in 2014. “Kola” was a nickname used for Mr. Zlochevsky. Archer then emailed another Ukrainian business partner to “please send Hunter an email with all Kola’s passport and visa documents and evidence and copy me. We’ll take it from there.” 

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