‘I Was Sleeping on a Car, Smoking Crack’: DOJ Releases Vivid Description of Hunter Biden’s Drug Use When He Bought a Gun, Calls Allegations of Bias ‘Hollywood Fiction’ 

Around the time of the gun purchase in 2018, Biden texted his girlfriend, his brother’s widow Hallie Biden, that he was ‘waiting for a dealer named Mookie.’

AP/Andrew Harnik
Hunter Biden at Fort McNair, June 25, 2023, at Washington. AP/Andrew Harnik

Special Counsel David Weiss has released detailed evidence showing that Hunter Biden was in the throes of a serious crack cocaine addiction at the time he illegally purchased a handgun in 2018. 

In the same legal filing, Mr. Weiss accuses Mr. Biden and his legal team of launching an illegitimate attempt to get the felony gun charges brought against the first son dismissed. Mr. Weiss and his prosecutorial team have been inundated by Mr. Biden’s attorneys with multiple motions to dismiss the charges on the basis that Mr. Weiss is a partisan actor who is biased against the Biden family.

“The defendant suggests that evil motives are lurking deep within the Department of Justice,” Mr. Weiss’s office writes in a legal filing, which was made public on Tuesday. 

Mr. Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, said in a December court filing that Mr. Weiss’s “indictment reflects a selective and vindictive prosecution of Mr. Biden and a breach of separation of powers.” Mr. Lowell argued that because the plea agreement and diversion agreement Messrs. Weiss and Lowell agreed to last year were met with derision “from former President Trump (who appointed Mr. Weiss), extremist House Republicans, and the far-right media,” Mr. Weiss caved to pressure from partisan actors and pulled the deal. 

“They made it clear that they wanted Mr. Weiss to keep this litigation alive through the presidential election (regardless of merit) and for him to bring more serious charges as a foil for the investigations and prosecutions of former President Trump,” Mr. Lowell wrote. 

Mr. Lowell accused the special counsel of producing “evidence on steroids” for the purpose of attacking President Biden — an assertion Mr. Weiss roundly denounces. 

“The defendant’s conspiracy theory is not the ‘evidence on steroids,’ he contends it is,” the special counsel’s office writes. “Contrary to his assertion, he has not established that the Special Counsel, appointed by and serving at the pleasure of President Biden and his Attorney General, is punishing the defendant ‘for the perceived sins of his father’ in order to capitulate to a former President because of his tweets.”

“Since the defendant fails to identify a legal right that he exercised that caused the DOJ to purportedly charge him vindictively, and he fails to prove animus by the actual DOJ officials involved in his indictment, his claim fails on its face,” the prosecutors continue. 

Mr. Weiss has charged Mr. Biden with three counts related to his illegal purchase of a firearm when he was addicted to drugs in 2018. Mr. Biden has admitted to lying on a federal form to obtain the weapon, which is a felony. Politico reported that the handgun was discovered in Mr. Biden’s pickup truck by his then-girlfriend Hallie, who was also his elder brother Beau’s widow. She threw out the gun in a garbage bin outside an upscale grocery store at Wilmington, Delaware. 

When Ms. Biden told Mr. Biden that she’d thrown out the gun, according to the Politico report, he panicked and rushed to the grocery store parking lot to retrieve it. By that time, though, a scavenger had taken the gun, which eventually ended up in the hands of law enforcement. Speaking to the authorities at the time, Mr. Biden, who, according to contemporaneous police reports appeared under the influence of drugs or alcohol, said that his then-girlfriend had thrown out the gun because she feared he was going to use it to kill himself.

Years later, after Mr. Biden had come under intense prosecutorial scrutiny, Messrs. Weiss and Lowell attempted to reach a diversion agreement that would allow Mr. Biden to avoid jail time for the gun purchase, but that agreement was scuttled by a federal judge who refused to accept the deal after attorneys for both sides could not agree if Mr. Biden was or was not immune from future prosecutions. If convicted, Mr. Biden faces up to 10 years in federal prison. 

In his Tuesday legal filing, Mr. Weiss said that his office had indisputable proof that Mr. Biden lied on a form from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The prosecutors obtained a warrant to search Mr. Biden’s infamous laptop, where they found photographs of crack cocaine that they claim Mr. Biden had in his possession before he purchased the firearm. 

“On October 13, 2018, and October 14, 2018 (the day after and two days after he purchased the firearm), the defendant messaged his girlfriend about meeting a drug dealer and smoking crack,” Mr. Weiss writes. “For example, on October 13, 2018, the defendant messaged her and stated, ‘… I’m now off MD Av behind blue rocks stadium waiting for a dealer named Mookie.’ The next day, the defendant messaged her and stated, “‘was sleeping on a car smoking crack on 4th street and Rodney.’”

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