Isn’t It Rich? Hochul’s Mockery of Trump’s Bronx Rallygoers Insults Sane New Yorkers — and Clowns

They are people who want what they deserve – clean streets, good schools, safe neighborhoods, secure jobs that can support a family, and pride in their country.

AP/Yuki Iwamura
President Trump on May 23, 2024, at the Bronx, New York. AP/Yuki Iwamura

No, Governor Hochul, those are not “clowns,” as you described them, who showed up to support President Trump in the Bronx. They are Americans. They are people who want what they deserve — clean streets, good schools, safe neighborhoods, secure jobs that can support a family and pride in their country.

They want what you and President Biden have failed to deliver. 

Some of your most loyal supporters, like Madline Brame, a former Bronx resident whose veteran son was brutally stabbed to death in Harlem, have turned on you and your party. 

In a recent interview, she told the truth: “60, 70 years of being loyal to a party that has never returned anything to our community. We have got nothing but welfare on top of welfare, crime, dilapidated housing failing schools, safe injection sites, abortion clinics, liquor stores, legal weed spots.” 

Did you really think you could allow one of America’s greatest cities to sink into lawlessness and disrepair and no one would notice? That permitting wholesale looting of stores like CVS would not have dire consequences for local businesses and employment in New York, and for your own approval ratings? 

The Bodega Owners Association has endorsed Mr. Trump, because they are sick of being robbed and like his hard line on crime; are they clowns, too? Our great state’s unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country; the recovery from the pandemic has been among the slowest. Whose fault is that, Mrs. Hochul?

People continue to leave New York, taking their tax dollars with them. What are you doing to turn that around? Has anyone in Albany or have you considered lowering taxes to lure back some of the folks who simply could not afford to stay? 

Do you understand you are creating a downward spiral, where needy and dependent migrants are taking the place of hard-working taxpayers, and that the exchange will eventually ruin our city and our state?

The only rationale for replacing earners with non-earners is political; you and your Democrat colleagues will maintain power because the census foolishly counts citizens and non-citizens alike. There is, absurdly, zero political penalty to pay for your wasteful, wrong-headed management of the state.

Management, of course, makes it sound like you have a plan, and the reality is you have none. You and your predecessor pursued a preposterous climate goal which, according to our local grid operator, could throw our city into darkness as soon as next year.  

Banning new gas hook-ups, demanding greater reliance on electric stoves and furnaces, threatening to eliminate gas-powered automobiles; no one made you smart and no one made you God. 

Who sponsors an agenda that eliminates the essential needs of our citizenry? You will not be rewarded for pointlessly destabilizing our energy infrastructure, or for driving electricity prices up almost 10 percent this year and next.  

As we in America are asked to sign onto your costly climate agenda, Communist China and India continue to burn coal and other fossil fuels in ever-increasing amounts. Their carbon output combined is nearly three times that of America; any change orchestrated by you or other climate zealots is practically worthless, though perhaps it might buy you a few votes from the uninformed.

You and your Democrat colleagues have also failed to provide our neediest children with a decent education.  As enrollment in our public schools sinks precipitously, New York is spending per pupil nearly twice the average of other states, or more than $30,000 per year. 

And yet, student performance is worse than in other states, and declining. Maybe if you cared more about your citizens and less about the money and political heft of the teachers’ unions, you might demand reforms. 

You haven’t even managed to make our streets safer, Mrs. Hochul. You and Mayor Adams tout favorable statistics on crime, but the reality is that many crimes go unreported by victims confident that offenders will not be charged. 

Assaults in stores, on subways and sidewalks, even in Central Park, have city residents on edge, and longing for the Bloomberg days. You could have fired the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, for declining to prosecute crimes and dumbing down law enforcement in New York City; you should have.

Mr. Trump spoke in the Bronx about his personal contributions to the growth and prosperity of New York, and promised to make New York great again. My view: send in the clowns.

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