Manchin Slays the Spending Bill, but Watch for More ‘Relief’

Is the senator engaged in any talks regarding Build Back Better? ‘No, no, no, no. It’s dead.’

Senator Manchin at the Capitol, January 18, 2022. AP/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades
Senator Manchin Build Back Better Senator Manchin at the Capitol, January 18, 2022. AP/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Let’s begin by talking about one of those thumb-sucking news stories planted by progressive lefties with a Wall Street Journal reporter. It suggests that the radicals were somehow willing to negotiate with

Senator Manchin, and that somehow Mr. Manchin was willing to play. As I say, it was a silly story with no basis in fact. 

The Washington Times had a much more accurate story that suggested the senator is not negotiating with anybody about big-government socialism, sometimes called “Build Back Better” or even “Build Back Smaller” or “Build Back Chunkier.”

It was the king himself, Senator Manchin, who put an end to all of it today. That is why we love him — and he’s been incredibly consistent. 

He called BBB “dead,” asking reporters, “What Build Back Better bill?” Is he engaged in any talks on the matter? “No, no, no, no. It’s dead.” So, that’s “no” four times and a “dead.” Seems pretty clear to me. Save America. Kill the Bill. 

I mean, the guy has said forever, “No more social spending” that will jack up inflation even higher. He has said he does not want a middle-class entitlement state with no means testing, and all of these social spending plans have to have workfare. The left doesn’t want any of that. What’s more?

Mr. Manchin is not going to give in to a massive Green New Deal spending and subsidizing package that will harm West Virginia fossil fuels. This should not be hard for the radical lefties to understand, but they do not understand it.

So, now there’s talk of an end run around Mr. Manchin. What’s that? Some kind of new — get this — Omicron/Covid relief package. Really? Apparently the White House is cooking one up, but even the House radicals don’t want to see it just yet. 

Here’s the worst-kept secret in Washington: This so-called covid relief bill would just be a vehicle to load on every left-wing wishlist item that they couldn’t get from BBB. Everybody knows that, and it’s not going to happen. We’ve had three major relief packages totaling nearly $6 trillion. Think that’s enough?

President Biden was just bragging about how strong the economy is, but the White House wants even more federal spending — so we can have even higher inflation? So that after-tax, after-inflation disposable income, which has dropped three straight months, will continue to fall, decimating middle-class consumers because of rising prices? Is that what he wants?

Here are some numbers, courtesy of the “Committee for a Responsible Budget.”

Of $5.7 trillion appropriated, only $4.9 trillion has been spent. I say “only” because it leaves $800 billion unspent. All of these numbers are horrible. 

I’m not defending them, but just sayin’ there’s still almost $1 trillion unspent. Of that total, $240 billion in health spending allocations has not been spent. That’s $240 billion — a lot of money. Where’d that go?

Then there’s $150 billion allocated for state and local governments that is unspent. Huh? That wouldn’t be going to Blue State governors and mayors, would it? 

Then there’s a category called “other” that includes another $150 billion unspent. Who is “other”?

Are we talking about teachers unions that don’t want their members to teach? District attorneys that don’t want to enforce laws? Longshoremen that won’t work 24/7? Test kits undelivered … therapies banned from certain states … border-control money for out-of-control borders? Where’s this money going? It’s $800 billion.

And now the White House is talking up a new covid relief package? Just a reminder, the CBO’s gimmick-free priceout of BBB was $5 trillion in spending with $2 trillion in tax hikes, and $3 trillion in new federal debt.

With a 7% inflation rate, and a White House that is now warning us Friday’s jobs number may show a drop in employment, really. I’m sticking with Senator Manchin. Save America. Kill the Bill.

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