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Following are excerpts of the remarks of David Malpass, a candidate for United States Senate, to the New York State Republican Party convention, June 3, 2010, at the Hotel Sheraton, Manhattan.

* * *

Thank you for the support and confidence you’ve shown with this nomination. I’m very proud to be an official New York Republican nominee.


It takes vision to look at a conservative economist, who is vowing to bring a political upheaval in Washington, and see the next Republican Senator from New York State.

We’re going to work together to dig America out of the ditch of Washington and Albany blunders.

I look forward to fighting for our goals and our principles across the state.


This is going to be a tough race. But we are going to win.

We are going to win because the people of this state know that things are not working and that I bring solutions.

We are going to win because New Yorkers, like all Americans, are sick and tired of empty promises and political flip-flopping.


We are going to win because New York is ready for real representation, not rubberstamps for Washington’s bad ideas.

I’m running for the United States Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand because I am angry about the direction in which our country is headed.

As I watch the Obama Administration squander our economic strength and our national security, I get even angrier.

But before address the economy, I have to say a few words about the madness going on in our relationship with Israel right now.

This administration in Washington has hung Israel out to dry and our enemies are taking full advantage of it.

Republicans and Democrats in Washington have to stand together in defense of our steadfast ally.

We need to make it clear to the world that we defend democracy and that Israel has a right and even a requirement to defend its people. I will not be silent when our national security is at stake.

Washington is pursuing economic policies that are leading us to ruin. Politicians are addicted to spending in the first place and now the tax and spend culture IS ON STEROIDS.

Greece’s economy is collapsing because its citizens were promised cradle to grave welfare benefits. They trusted big government. Bad idea.

Greece’s collapse may bring the end of the welfare state in Europe. But not in the White House.

President Obama and Congress are busy copying Europe’s failed policies and having the government spend your money, decide your health care, control your every decision, and weasel their way into a value-added tax.

You and your families abide by this simple rule when balancing your checkbooks. But the Democrats still don’t get it. They think the national debt is their checking account balance.

It makes you wonder — Whose side are they on? When Senator Gillibrand votes on a bill, is she thinking about New Yorkers, or is she thinking about the White House and Harry Reid?

I can tell you this: I’m on the side of small business owners, of hardworking, taxpaying families, and people who need jobs. I will always be on the side of low taxes, freedom and opportunity.

You will always know where I stand.

But, Senator Gillibrand, on the other hand, campaigned for Congress as a conservative Democrat.

Now she supports every one of these very liberal, big government policies, from state-run health care, to bailouts, to millions of dollars for the corrupt and scandal-ridden ACORN.

After 18 months as Senator ACORN, she has erased every trace of her opportunistic conservatism.

She is creating a mountain of debt that will be left to our children. Many of you have children. Adele and I have four young kids.

I’m outraged as I watch Senator Gillibrand sign our children’s and our grandchildren’s names to checks without our permission. That’s unfair. That’s wrong.

We owe it to our children to leave our government and our country in better shape. They should not be forced to pay off huge amounts of our debt just because of political promises and big government programs.

One difference between Senator Gillibrand and me is that when I tell you what I am going to do, that’s what I do. I’ve spent a lifetime as a fiscal conservative.

I believe in limited government, lower spending, low taxes and tax rates, and incentives to invest and build businesses. This is the path to jobs and prosperity and I learned it from the best: President Ronald Reagan. I have been a Reagan Republican since I worked for him in the 1980s.

Some voters may not know me yet. But many of you know my work. I was an architect of the Roth IRA back in 1990. I helped enact the 1986 Reagan tax cuts, which led to 20 years of prosperity.

When Ronald Reagan came into office he cut top tax rates from 70% to 50%. Then, in 1986 we slashed the top rate to 28%, creating millions of jobs.

This year we need a similar upheaval against centralized government power.

The new policies I will create and support will reflect the same low tax, pro-growth, pro-family, strong national security principles that always work.

I can win and will win this race! Voters want an upheaval from outside the political status quo. I can bring it.

I will fight for every vote: every Republican, every Independent, and every disappointed Democrat. And there are millions of those. Rich, poor, working, or unemployed — everyone benefits when our economy grows.

I will not waste your money as they do now. I’ll support programs that make sense such as full funding for counter-terrorism programs. New Yorkers know how real the threat is, and you deserve a representative who can get that across in Washington.

Senator Gillibrand is a loyal vote for Washington’s expansion. I have the skills and the backbone to provide a loyal vote for New Yorkers. She’s guarding the interests of Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. She’s got their backs. But who has the backs of New Yorkers? I can and I will stand up for you.

I am going to Washington to fight for our homeland security funding. I am going to Washington to repeal national health care. To cut spending. To restore saner, smaller government. To lower taxes and create jobs and growth.

The time for mega-trillion Washington blowouts is over. The time for political and economic resurgence is now.

This spring, as I travelled from Erie to Fulton to Suffolk, it was clear that neither Senator Gillibrand nor her predecessor had made good on their promises to work for upstate families and job-seekers. This will end in November. I will fight for policies that allow New York to breathe again.

Our party is on the right side of the arguments. And the people of this great state are with us.

We are living with Washington representation that is all image, no substance. I am about substance of governance. And I will bring an upheaval to Washington’s culture.

Twenty-five years ago I was inspired to go to Washington because of what our president was doing for this country. Ronald Reagan restored our faith in America, and he restored our country to greatness.

I’m inspired again to go to Washington because of our President, but this time it’s out of concern for what President Obama and his allies — Senator Gillibrand chief among them — is doing to our country.

It’s going to be an epic fight. And I’m going to need your support. Let’s spread the word, knock on doors, tell your neighbors and friends that there is a choice in November-a real choice. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail — starting tomorrow.

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