Beyond Bretton Woods — the Sun’s Series So Far

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From Judy Shelton to Steve Forbes to Ron Paul to Steve Hanke, among others, here are the columns with which the Sun marked the 50th anniversary of the collapse of the Bretton Woods monetary system that had made possible the post-World War II economy. More are to come in this series on the fiasco of the Age of Fiat Money. This is the start . . .

After Bretton Woods

We look less to the Fed than the Congress, to which 100% of the monetary powers enumerated in the Constitution are granted, writes The New York Sun. And remember that the fiftieth is the year in which we are enjoined to return to every man his possession.

God and Money

In which Judy Shelton goes back to Deuteronomy to find the headwaters of the idea of an honest measure of value.

Time To Reverse the Curse Over the Dollar

How could an American president reverse the reserve-currency curse? By making honesty the best policy, argues John Mueller.

Could a Collapse of Cryptocurrencies Force a Reform?

So, what happened after the fateful events of 1971 and 1973? It was a bit like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, writes Steve Hanke.

‘An Epic Failure’

“How can one abandon the monetary system of the ages — gold and the fixed rates — and not suffer the consequences?” asks Brian Domintrovic.

‘Nixon Shock’ Was Really a Coup de Grace on Destruction Others Started

On that Sunday night in 1971, as Richard Nixon stared into the TV cameras to vow “that the American dollar must never again be a hostage in the hands of international speculators,” little remained of that gold standard but the contents of Fort Knox, writes James Grant.

Now is a Moment for New Leaders

Steve Forbes summons the next generation to join our common cause.

A Time to Rediscover America’s Founders

Prospects for a gold-based monetary system in our future, writes economist Richard Salsman, hang in the balance with the prospects for liberty.

As Close to Economic Nirvana as Could Be Imagined

The formula to ensure prosperity is simple, writes Art Laffer. Add a low-rate, broad-based flat tax to spending restraint, free trade, and sound money, and there you have it.

The Secret Reagan Told Me About Gold and Great Nations

It is clear that America is heading toward another crisis, writes the inspiriter of the movement for honest money, Ron Paul. The good news is it gives us an opportunity to spread our message, grow our movement, and finally force Congress to act.

The Constitutional Questions Need To Be Answered

The great Edwin Vieira, Jr., looks at the money question through the prism of our national parchment, to which every member of our government has been — and must be — sworn.

Remember Rueff

In which Ralph Benko marks the importance of the great French economist — and of his intellectual heir in America, Lewis Lehrman.

When It Comes to Money, We Need a Common Discipline

In which a former president of the Bank of France, Jacques de Larosière, who is also a former managing director of the IMF, underlines the importance of a common discipline.


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