New Hunter Biden Crack Photos Show Prosecution Is Sitting on More Evidence That Hunter Was Doing Drugs When He Lied and Bought a Gun

Photographs included in the legal filings appear to show that Biden was hoarding a felony amount of drugs.

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Hunter Biden, flanked by Kevin Morris, left, and Abbe Lowell, attends a House Oversight Committee meeting on January 10, 2024, at Washington. Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Special Counsel David Weiss’s releasing of damning new photos of crack cocaine found on Hunter Biden’s cellphone indicates that the government is in possession of clear, documentary evidence that Mr. Biden fils was actively doing drugs — and photographing his crack stash — at the same time, even on the same day, that he lied on a federal form in order to buy a handgun in 2018. 

In a court filing that asks the presiding judge to reject Mr. Biden’s motion for the felony gun charges against him to be dismissed, Mr. Weiss discloses that his office and law enforcement have obtained “multiple photographs” of what was apparently crack cocaine as well as powder cocaine. Mr. Biden has been criminally charged with lying about his drug use when he bought a Colt Cobra revolver, which he had in his possession for about 11 days before his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden — who was also, at the time, his girlfriend following the death of his brother — threw it away.

“Prior to October 12, 2018 (the date of the gun purchase), the defendant took photos of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia on his phone,” Mr. Weiss’s office said in the filing. “Also prior to his gun purchase, the defendant routinely sent messages about purchasing drugs.”

“The defendant’s claims show that he has either failed to review the discovery he has received, or he has misrepresented what has already been produced by the government,” the special counsel writes. 

One of the newly released photos from the Hunter Biden laptop.
One of the newly released photos from the Hunter Biden laptop. Office of U.S. Attorney for Delaware

In an exhibit attached to his filing, Mr. Weiss includes several photographs of Mr. Biden’s alleged drug collection. Mr. Biden’s photography was helpful to prosecutors in that he showed the drugs being weighed. One photograph shows 4.7 grams of what appears to be cocaine being weighed out on a small scale. Under federal law, possession of five or more grams of cocaine is punishable by up to five years in prison. 

Mr. Biden has not been charged with possession. 

The filing also includes text messages recovered from Mr. Biden’s now notorious laptop. In two messages, he asks an unknown text recipient for “baby powder” and “the really soft stuff.” That unknown text recipient then responds: “You want 10grams.”

Mr. Weiss includes more photos that show a box full of what appear to be crack pipes that Mr. Biden used, as well as a photo of a scale that appears to weigh out nearly 21 grams of cocaine. 

Another photo from the Hunter Biden laptop. Office of U.S. Attorney for Delaware

Earlier in February, Mr. Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, made a number of motions at the Delaware court to have the gun charges dismissed, including accusing Mr. Weiss of acting at the behest of President Trump and arguing that Hunter’s drug use at the time of his firearm purchase was actually permissible under the Second Amendment. 

“To be sure, children of politically powerful individuals enjoy great privilege, but they often become the targets of animus for that very reason,” Mr. Lowell wrote in one court filing. “History is replete with children of political figures being abducted and assassinated literally (e.g., murder of Romanov children by Russian revolutionaries) or figuratively (e.g., Odysseus murdering the son of Crown Prince Hector when sacking Troy). Regrettably, political attacks on the children of politicians to harm or influence their parents are not uncommon in America either.”

In comparing Mr. Biden to two murdered children — the Tsarevitch Alexei Romanov and a princeling of Troy, Astynax — Mr. Lowell is seeking to portray Hunter Biden as a victim of high birth and circumstance. The prosecution, though, argues that Mr. Biden was an adult who consciously broke the law when he knowingly lied on the federal form he was required to sign in order to purchase the handgun. 

The legal battle playing out between Mr. Lowell’s various assertions that the charges themselves are illegitimate and Mr. Weiss’s steady drip of disclosures about Mr. Biden’s drug use could bode poorly for the first son’s public relations campaign and even the president’s re-election. 

Mr. Weiss could very well be in possession of more photographs from Mr. Biden’s infamous laptop, which includes a treasure trove of information related not only to his drug use but his relationships with prostitutes and his foreign business dealings as well.

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