Do Women Deserve To Vote?

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How on earth did we women ever get the vote? If intellectual acumen were a requirement for suffrage today, we’d still be waiting for our shot at the ballot box. Fortunately, the pioneering suffragettes who fought for the 19th Amendment had their heads screwed on tight – unlike the “Sex and the City” groupies who think abortion as birth control is something worth fighting for. Five girls from Queens are holding a Brooklyn beer fund-raiser this week for their poor sisters in South Dakota, who’ve lost their right to kill their babies in utero.

Tut, tut, Alicia, strong words, you may say – but truthful language is such a rarity in these days of euphemism and spin. Words like “abortion” and “pregnancy termination” do not sound so bad, but “killing your baby” is a valid description of the procedure, and real suffragettes did not shy away from it.

I can’t blame these modern women for being ignorant of feminist history, because so much of it has been censored. Recently, HBO aired “Iron Jawed Angels,” which concentrated on the radical wing of the suffrage movement. Oscar winner Hillary Swank portrayed Alice Paul, who organized a march on Washington and was the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment in 1923. What is missing, of course, is any indication that Paul did not want to link abortion to women’s rights. “Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women,” a colleague of hers quotes her as saying.

Whenever we quote the anti-abortion remarks of the early suffragettes, their comments are dismissed by abortion advocates, who claim that it was the danger and the expense that these suffragettes objected to. I’m not a mind reader, but read the quotes of Susan B. Anthony, Victoria Woodhull, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others on and you won’t doubt that these brave women had the respect for the unborn that is missing from the current breed of young women.

In the e-mail announcing the Brooklyn event, one of the organizers is quoted as saying, “There’s no way I want to live in a country where my daughters might have to drive to Canada just to get birth control.” A recent study conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute found that abortions for women over 25 have increased, and that these women often are having multiple “procedures.” Abortion as birth control? This is the way abortion was used in the old Soviet Union, and Russia is now in a demographic death spiral. What ever happened to the condom or, better yet, self-control?

The beer fund-raiser at a Brooklyn pub, Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint, is supposed to benefit Planned Parenthood of South Dakota’s legal fund. Incidentally, this “nonprofit” is a billion-dollar foundation that receives both federal and state funding and yet charges up front for abortions. I’m sure the Queens femmes are being hailed as heroines for organizing this event, but I prefer fund-raisers and their sponsors who support truly worthwhile organizations – those that respect life.

According to one of the organizers, they are surprised by the outpouring of support they’re getting from the community in their quest to help their sisters in South Dakota. Now why should they be surprised? This is New York City, the abortion capital of the nation, where women drag their daughters for third-term abortions. This is the town where a pro-lifer contacted a well-known daily newspaper columnist to let her know about an outdoor rally for women who were traumatized by abortion, and was told, “Get over it.” Let’s face it, the women in this town worship at the altar of abortion without even realizing that men, not women, get to eat the cake and have it, too.

No, I’m not at all surprised that there’s so much support for the “choice” crowd here in New York, because whenever I look at what these oh-so-chic young women are wearing in lieu of clothing, I’m convinced that many are incapable of an intellectually challenging thought. Otherwise, they’d think twice about getting tattoos.

So have your beer party, my dears, and fork over the dough to Planned Parenthood of South Dakota. Petition the governor with the wire hangers you plan to send – but remember that everything that was stated as fact about Roe v. Wade was a lie. Those 10,000 annual coat hanger abortion deaths cited by NARAL were actually fewer than a hundred. Just ask Bernard Nathanson, the co-founder of NARAL who is now pro-life as is Norma McCovey, the original Jane Roe.

The theme of your beer fund-raiser is, “Can You Believe We’re Still Fighting for This?”

Victoria Woodhull, the first female candidate for president said, “The rights of children as individuals begin while yet they remain the foetus.”

Smart women know that life is worth fighting for, not death.

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