Nota Bene: California Legislature Sets up Roadblocks for the Parents’ Rights Movement

Plus, Democrats don’t believe in the First Amendment and more records set at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Lauren Witte/Tampa Bay Times via AP
'Parental rights' protesters gather outside the Moms for Liberty National Summit at Tampa, Florida, in July. Lauren Witte/Tampa Bay Times via AP

Always at the forefront of liberal policy initiatives, state lawmakers in California are moving to wrest control of local districts from the local school boards that traditionally hold sway over the education of America’s schoolchildren and prevent the sort of parents’ rights mutinies that are occurring elsewhere around the country.

Chalkboard News reports that a trio of measures passed by the state legislature would force local districts to accept the curriculum and policies adopted statewide regardless of how parents and the people they elected feel about them. One is aimed at preventing local districts from rejecting “inclusive” textbooks and other curricula focused on identity politics.

Another bill approved by the legislature would make it a misdemeanor for parents to speak out at school board meetings, i.e. cause “substantial disorder” at one. A third would prevent newly elected school boards from firing a superintendent following an election or recall effort.

All three are awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature.

Democrats Don’t Believe in the First Amendment: Poll

A new poll out over the weekend from Real Clear Opinion Research has some mixed results depending on who is asking. The good news? Overall, nine out of ten Americans think the First Amendment’s protection of free speech is a good thing. The bad news? Just less than half of the Democrats surveyed said they believe speech should be free “only under certain circumstances,” and more than a third of them said Americans have “too much freedom.”

More Records at the Border

Journalists on the ground at the U.S.-Mexico border report that almost 11,000 people crossed without permission over the past 24 hours, the “single highest day in recent memory.” The situation has gotten so dire that the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, has joined his GOP brethren and is chartering buses to ferry migrants to sanctuary cities in the interior of the country. Venezuelan migrants near the Texas city of Eagle Pass briefly hoisted their nation’s flag over an island in the Rio Grande Monday before it was removed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Also Noteworthy:

  • President Macron of France wants oil companies to sell fuel at cost.
  • Spam shortage looms as Minnesota Hormel workers threaten to strike.
  • Much of the $600 million President Biden is spending on free Covid tests is going to foreign owned firms.
  • Michelle Obama will reportedly earn 700,000 euros for a one-hour lecture in Germany on the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Taylor Swift’s popularity is a sign of societal decline.
  • Taylor Swift makes as much in one night on stage as Travis Kelce makes playing football in a year.
  • The migrant crisis is making the nation’s affordable housing crisis ever more dire.
  • Mr. Biden’s push for electric vehicles is driving oil prices higher, and likely will continue to do so.
  • The much-hyped debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis is now being touted as a Fox News primetime special.

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