Pathetic Is the Word for Biden’s Sanctions on Iran

All along the Bidens have been worried more about gasoline prices than Israel’s security — or America’s.

AP/Susan Walsh
The national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, at the White House May 18, 2022. AP/Susan Walsh

European foreign ministers are visiting Tel Aviv in order to persuade Prime Minister Netanyahu not to retaliate against the unprecedented Iranian bombings last Saturday.

Of course the Biden administration continues to pressure Israel to do nothing. And then along comes the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, with a statement yesterday announcing that new sanctions will be placed against Iran in the wake of the Israeli attack.

And then, the Sullivan announcement was pathetic. A complete non-event. A total nothing burger.

 He said that President Biden is “coordinating with allies and partners, including the G-7, and with bipartisan leaders in Congress, focused on something called a “comprehensive response,” and then added that in coming days America will impose new sanctions targeting Iran, blah blah blah.  

Oh, and Mr. Sullivan reminded that in the last three years America has sanctioned over 600 individuals and entities connected to terrorism.

Really? So what? What sanctions were these, except little tiny pieces of paper?

Because the Bidens eased sanctions on Iran. Iran’s oil production has gone from less than a million barrels per day in President Trump’s last year, to currently 3.2 million barrels per day, according to a Reuters survey.

The Bidens have done nothing to stop this. And, although estimates vary, Iran’s stepped up oil trade could be worth as much as $100 billion to them. 

Of course, that’s $100 billion funneled to their terrorist client states, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, et al. All attacking Israel.

The Bidens haven’t done a thing about this. No ships have been stopped. No impoundments. Who’s Iran’s biggest customer by the way? Communist China.

According to ship-tracking data from Vortexa China bought an average 1.05 million barrels per day of Iranian oil in the first 10 months of last year, 2023. This is 60 percent higher than pre-sanction peaks recorded by Chinese customs in 2017.

Sixty percent higher.

China’s October imports from Iran are estimated to have reached about 1.45 million barrels per day, the highest monthly level ever according to Vortexa.

Well isn’t that something. What about all those sanctions? Our top adversary, China. Wait a minute, our top enemy, China.

China’s also buying plenty of oil from Russia, violating those sanctions also. And of course Iran is selling drone missiles to Russia despite sanctions, raising even more money and fueling the Ukraine war as well as the Israeli war. 

President Biden’s of course doing nothing.

Why hasn’t Mr. Biden publicly chastised China for financing two wars against America though the illegal import of Russian and Iranian oil? Where’s the public warning?

I’m reading through a Reuters story, dated Tuesday, April 16, that “Iran’s unprecedented missile and drone strike on Israel is unlikely to prompt dramatic sanctions action on Iran’s oil exports from the Biden administration due to worries about boosting oil prices and angering top buyer, China.”

I’m sure the Reuters story is right. All along the Bidens have been worried more about gasoline prices than Israel’s security, or for that matter American security.

If they’d reopen the fossil fuel spigots and drill, baby, drill like Mr. Trump argues, oil would be closer to $40 a barrel than today’s $90.

That could put Iran back into bankruptcy. No, the Green New Deal is more important than protecting Israel.

Oh did I mention Mr. Trump? Well one thing he taught me years ago was how to use tariffs for trade and non-trade purposes.

Mr. Trump used the threat of high tariffs on Mexico to get them to agree to a “Remain-in-Mexico” border policy with 25,000 Mexican troops. 

I wonder. In order to cripple Iran, and stop all this oil production and sales among rogue nations and American enemies, might Mr. Trump, make that a President Trump, tell China he’s going to double the tariffs on every single one of your imports unless you stop buying Iranian oil?

Might he put it out there in full public view? Embarrass the Chinese? And then, hammer home the tariffs? I think he might. You know what folks? I’m going to go ask him.

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business Network.

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