Schumer and the Democratic Elites Willfully Ignore Terrorist Threats to Israel — and America

Hamas could end the bloodshed and the humanitarian crisis immediately. Instead, its leaders shelter behind hostages and openly state they will never accept a permanent ceasefire as long as Israel exists.

AP/J. Scott Applewhite
Senator Schumer at the Capitol, November 28, 2023. AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Following President Biden’s suggestion that Israel should turn the Gazan city of Rafah into a sanctuary city for Hamas terrorists, Senator Schumer went a step further. Mr. Schumer called for the replacement of the duly elected Prime Minister of Israel.

Mr. Schumer then unilaterally declared that Israel’s effort to defeat the terrorists who slaughtered, raped, and tortured its citizens was no longer acceptable to the rest of the planet. Like virtually all of the American elite, including Mr. Biden, Mr. Schumer called for a two-state solution to the problem of Gaza.

Let’s be clear: Allowing Hamas to survive at Rafah would be an enormous strategic defeat for Israel — and a great victory for terrorism. It would guarantee future assaults on Israeli civilians. This is not a theory. Hamas’ basic position is, “not a single Jew will remain.” Mr. Schumer is the highest-ranking elected Jewish official in America. You would think he would be bothered by Hamas’ commitment to genocide.

Yet, in the tradition of America’s elites, Mr. Schumer cannot believe in real evil. He is apparently not convinced by Hamas’s killing of children, parading mass rape victims, or its persistent taking of hostages. What would it take to convince him that Hamas must be defeated? Does Hamas have to be invited to a ceasefire, so it can steal American and United Nations aid and rebuild its strength for another terrorist assault on Israeli civilians?

Just look at recent history. We are now learning that 300 miles of Hamas tunnels were built with stolen aid. Further, at least 10 percent of the United Nations Relief Workers were reportedly actively pro-Hamas.

Now Mr. Biden decided to build an offshore pier to deliver more humanitarian aid (which will also undoubtedly be stolen by Hamas). This is just more evidence of the American elites’ suicidal desire to placate our enemies and attack our friends.

Similarly, the parliament in Iran regularly chants “death to America” and “death to Israel.” The Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, has said publicly these are policies — not slogans. You would think our elites would recognize that Iran will have to be defeated before it kills us.

However, even after Iranian puppets fire hundreds of missiles at Americans — killing and wounding our troops — the Biden administration extended $10 billion in sanction relief so the Iranians could continue to do business. It makes you want to ask of our own government leaders “are you just crazy?”

The American elites’ passion for hiding from reality even at the risk of national suicide was driven home last week. As the New York Post reported on March 17: “A Lebanese migrant who was caught sneaking over the border admitted he’s a member of Hezbollah, he hoped to make a bomb, and his destination was New York.” 

The migrant, Basel Bassel Ebbadi, “was caught by the US Border Patrol on March 9 near El Paso, Texas,” the Post reported. “While in custody, he was asked what he was doing in the US, to which he replied, ‘I’m going to try to make a bomb,’ according to a Border Patrol document exclusively obtained by The Post.”

You might think that Mr. Schumer would be bothered that Hezbollah, another terrorist ally of Iran, might be targeting his home state. Apparently not.

I was reminded of an earlier lesson in the American elite’s naiveté about the nature of terrorism, which also involved Mr. Schumer’s hometown. You may remember the botched car bomb in Times Square that failed to detonate. When a naturalized Pakistani American, Faisal Shahzad, was arrested for placing the bomb, it turned out he had spent years with the Taliban learning how to be a terrorist.

There was a striking moment during Shahzad’s sentencing. The judge asked Mr. Shahzad if he had sworn allegiance to America as a naturalized citizen. He told her, “I sweared, but I didn’t mean it.” He then went on to threaten more American lives and claimed the war with Islam had “just begun.”

Much like Mr. Shahzad, whatever future peace agreement Hamas’ leaders might strike, they won’t mean it.

The fact is: Hamas could end the bloodshed and the humanitarian crisis immediately. It could release its hostages and disarm. Instead, Hamas’ leaders shelter behind hostages and openly state they will never accept a permanent ceasefire as long as Israel exists.

Despite what Mr. Biden and Mr. Schumer say, this is a permanent war for Hamas. The willful ignorance and determined blindness of western elites in general and American elites in particular may prove to be suicidal for our country and Western civilization.

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