Pollsters Beware: Realignment Is Underway as Those Giving Less Than $200 Go for Trump by a Wide Margin

‘The economic elites are Democrats, and the working stiffs are Republicans,’ says economist Larry Lindsay.

AP/Jose Luis Magana
Supporters of President Trump rally outside the federal courthouse at Washington on August 3, 2023. AP/Jose Luis Magana

There’s an interesting thought out there regarding the 2024 election: the election year voting realignment going on that the liberal press does not understand.

A nifty piece by super-economist Larry Lindsay, taken from the database of the Federal Election Commission, or FEC, shows that contributors to President Biden were heavily skewed toward college professors, professional people, psychologists, social workers, scientists, and writers.

Among college professors, 93 percent gave to Mr. Biden. Just 7 percent to President Trump. Meanwhile, the biggest donors to Mr.  Trump were farmers, truckers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and construction workers.

The biggest Biden corporate donors were employees of Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Kaiser Permanente. The biggest Trump givers came from Walmart, FedEx, and UPS. This is the new America. Populists versus elites. The rich versus the middle class.

Mr. Biden got a lot more money from the rich than Mr. Trump. Among donors giving less than $200, though, Mr. Trump beat Mr. Biden by a wide margin. As Mr. Lindsay put it, “the economic elites are Democrats, and the working stiffs are Republicans.”

My apologies to my good friend Mr. Lindsay for publicizing his latest newsletter content, but I felt it was just too good not to share. Larry, please don’t be cross with me. We Larrys are in this together.

One reason I’m raising these points is there’s too much second guessing about Mr. Trump clobbering Governor Haley over the weekend in South Carolina. People keep asking: can Mr. Trump win over independents? Can Mr. Trump win over Haley voters?

I’m quite sure he’ll do very well in both cases, but people are overlooking the fact that Mr. Trump’s key policy issues — a middle-class affordable economy, closing the border, restoring law and order, peace through strength, respect abroad — are leading to realignment, not just the old static polling between Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

Because of Mr. Biden’s repeated failures, and the woke extremism of progressives in general, Mr. Trump is not only winning over farmers, truckers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, and construction workers — but also Black Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans.

And add to that young people, who see Mr. Trump as the energetic disrupter of a current political system that’s just not working. I call it “Trump tough.” Draining the swamp. 

And, let’s not forget Trump’s fundamental optimism of making America first again, again. Pollsters and pundits beware: the Trump realignment is sneaking up on you.

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business Network.

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