Trump’s Prosperity Agenda Explains His Commanding Lead in GOP Primary Polls

Inflation and falling real wages will make pocketbook and kitchen table issues central to the outcome of the 2024 presidential race.

AP/Andrew Harnik, file
President Trump gestures after speaking at Trump National Golf Club at Bedminster, New Jersey, June 13, 2023, after pleading not guilty in a Miami courtroom earlier in the day. AP/Andrew Harnik, file

Despite President Trump being the target of the Department of Justice’s January 6 probe run by Special Counsel Jack Smith, which could mark the former commander-in-chief’s third indictment by President Biden’s henchmen, a new survey of Iowa Republicans by Fox Business shows that Mr. Trump has a commanding 30-point lead in the first in the nation primary contest that is less than six months away. Governor DeSantis and Senator Scott are distant second-tier contestants. 

The Fox Business poll reports that economic issues are the top concern of 41 percent of Iowa Republicans. Immigration follows at 15 percent, with social issues also at 15 percent and foreign policy at 12 percent.  

Noteworthy: the Fox Business poll taken in South Carolina, also between July 15 and 19, shows 51 percent tagging economic issues as the top concern, followed by 12 percent each for foreign policy, immigration, and social concerns.  

For months and months, I have argued that continued inflation, especially when it comes to key household needs, along with falling real wages will make pocketbook and kitchen table issues central to the outcome of the 2024 presidential race. In other words: It’s the economy, stupid. 

I also believe a key reason for President Trump’s commanding lead is his continued emphasis on an economic and prosperity agenda. Time and again, including during the CNN town hall debate and his brilliant Bedminster speech, Mr. Trump has stayed on message touting the economic successes of his first term and promising more of the same in a second.  

Just recently, Mr. Trump posted a self-definition of Trumpism: “‘TRUMPISM,’ or as some people call  it, ‘AMERICA FIRST’, is very very simple: Low Taxes and Regulations, the most powerful Military, Tariffs & Taxes on other countries who have taken advantage of the United States and which will make the USA rich and debt free again in very quick order and if countries want to ‘take’ from the U.S., they must pay for the privilege of taking!, protection of our under siege 2nd Amendment, GREAT Healthcare, Low Energy Prices through Energy Independence and even dominance, PARENTAL POWER on School Boards, “LIFE,” STRONG Borders, and so much more!” 

I think most of the other GOP candidates agree with Mr. Trump on most of these issues. They are conservative, and they are smart. The GOP has a deep bench, but of course Mr. Trump has the experience and the track record from his first term.  

Also, he has crafted this kind of strong message, with particular emphasis on the economic growth agenda, in ways that none of the other candidates have been able to pull together.  

Then, of course, there is the issue of Mr. Biden’s legal attacks, the weaponization of the justice department, the politicization of the FBI, and growing proof of a double standard aimed squarely at Mr. Trump.  

The higher Mr. Trump polls, the longer Mr. Biden wants to throw him in jail for, in order to stop the former president from running against the incumbent. Not only is this outrageous Biden strategy failing, but, thanks to the Republican House, more and more evidence is mounting that it is Mr. Biden who is in deep legal trouble.  

In particular: new evidence corroborating allegations of pay-for-play influence peddling and bribery, along with money laundering and wire fraud. Indeed, new evidence that it was Mr. Biden who coerced the Burisma business executives into a $5 million bribe for both him and his son Hunter.  

Now, we await new testimony from Hunter Biden’s best friend, who will expose perhaps dozens of Joe Biden phone calls to influence peddlers in China, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, and Russia. These are allegations, but if they are ever corroborated, they would certainly be grounds for treason and impeachment.  

And that is also why Donald Trump is far ahead in the polls. 

From Mr. Kudlow’s broadcast on Fox Business Network.

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