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Guess Who Gets Sudden Stimulus From Bidenís Economy
April 20, 2021, National section

Vast Majority Of U.S. Firms Failed To Sign Voting Statement
April 15, 2021, National section

Trumpís Tariffs Could Defeat Benefits of His Tax Cuts. Ask Reagan
March 3, 2018, National section

Next Test for Trump
Is Stabilizing the Dollar
For Sustained Growth

February 16, 2018, National section

How the Trump Turnaround
Took Davos by Storm
By Putting America First

January 27, 2018, Foreign section

Bannon Down, Market Up
Signals the Resurgence
Of Real American Populism

January 6, 2018, National section

With Trump Tax Cuts
GOP Turns the Tables
On Class-War Democrats

December 23, 2017, National section

Quirk in Senate Tax Bill
Could Hold Big Surprise
For Working Americans

December 10, 2017, National section

An Investment Boom
Will Ignite Economy
If Tax Bill Is Passed

December 2, 2017, National section

Time Arrives for Hardball
As House, Senate Wrestle
On the Trump GOP Tax Bill

November 10, 2017, National section

Fate of the American Dollar
Is Hanging in the Balance
As Trump Mulls Fed Chief

October 27, 2017, National section

New Trump Economic Aide
Lights Into Ideologues
In a Bid for Tax Cuts, Jobs

October 7, 2017, National section

Trumpís Tax Cut Plan
Sets Up Republicans
For Hardball in Congress

September 30, 2017, National section

Countdown for a Boom:
Congress Has Ten Weeks
To Pass Trump Tax Cuts

September 15, 2017, National section

Trump Could Scoop Congress
By Indexing Cap-Gains Tax
With One Stroke of the Pen

August 11, 2017, National section

A Choice Bit of Radio History
Is Made by Forbes, Laffer
With a Strategy for Trump

July 21, 2017, National section

With Energy Prices Falling,
Trump Has Russiaís Putin
Over the Proverbial Barrel

July 7, 2017, Foreign section

Hunger for the Prosperity
That Grows of Freedom
Lit Americaís Revolution

July 3, 2017, National section

Pelosi Prays for Trump
In Wake of Shooting
Of Congressman Scalise

June 16, 2017, National section

Cancel Congressí Recess
Until Legislators Pass
Three Pro-Jobs Tax Cuts

June 9, 2017, National section

Trumpís Budget Beckons
Millions To Return
To American Workforce

May 27, 2017, National section

Mnuchinís Moment Arrives
With Trumpís Big Chance
For Pro-Growth Tax Cuts

May 19, 2017, National section

JFK-Style Strategic Tax Cuts
Are Starting To Emerge
As Way To Drain the Swamp

April 8, 2017, National section

Immediate Business Tax Cut
Is Fastest Way To Ignite
A Donald Trump Boom

March 31, 2017, National section

Ryan Health Care Bill
Contains 13 Tax Cuts
To Unite Republicans

March 14, 2017, National section

Optimism Emerges as the Key
To Trumpís Transformation
In Speech Before Congress

March 1, 2017, National section

As the Naysayers Sneer,
Trump Is Maneuvering
To Unmuzzle Economy

February 25, 2017, National section

Early Tax Cuts Emerging
As the Key Element
Of Trump Growth Plan

February 13, 2017, National section

Optimism a la Reagan
Emerges as the Key
To Trumpís Quick Start

January 24, 2017, National section

Trumpís Ideal Opportunity
Is Budget and Tax Reform
In a Single Fell Swoop

December 23, 2016, National section

Fast Action on U.S. Debt
Could Reap Trillions
In Savings Over Long Term

December 9, 2016, National section

A Post-Election Market Tip:
If Itís Clinton, Sell the Rally;
If Itís Trump, Buy the Dip

November 8, 2016, National section

Reopening Email Case
Alters Election Atmosphere
With But Ten Days To Go

October 28, 2016, National section

Trump Goes To Gettysburg
To Start Final Push
For Economic Growth

October 22, 2016, National section

Melania Trump Points
To a Pivot to Issues
For the Campaign Finale

October 19, 2016, National section

Clintonís Long March
Seeks To Impose
A Trail of Tax Hikes

October 1, 2016, National section

Trump, JFK Vowed Tax Cuts
From the Same Platform
ó Literally and Economically

September 17, 2016, National section

Trump Aims To Repatriate
Trillions in Overseas Cash
As Clinton Eyes Tax Hikes

September 2, 2016, National section

Stagnation of U.S. Growth
Would Be the Likely Result
Of Clintonís Economic Plan

August 13, 2016, National section

Trump Readies a Speech
To Focus on Growth
And Need for Tax Cuts

August 6, 2016, National section

A Clinton Recession
Comes Into Focus
With Her Tax Hike Plan

July 29, 2016, National section

Pence Rescues GOP Parley,
Setting Stage for Trump
To Trumpet U.S. Optimism

July 21, 2016, National section

Trump-Pence Would Send
A Clear Signal on War
And Also the Economy

July 15, 2016, National section

A Magna Carta Moment
Emerges in the Brexit
As U.S. Election Nears

June 24, 2016, Foreign section

Stage for Trump Was Set
By the Last 15 Years
Of a Keynesian Mish-Mash

June 16, 2016, National section

Shock Report on Jobs
Signals Obama Economy
Is on Brink of Recession

June 3, 2016, National section

Hillary Assails Trump
For Business Acumen
In Crisis Clintons Created

May 28, 2016, National section

Where Thereís Smoke of Bias
There Could Be Fire
For Zuckerbergís Facebook

May 17, 2016, National section

ĎDonald the Disrupterí
Has the Ring of Truth
For the GOP Gedoylim*

May 13, 2016, National section

Burden Is on Donald Trump
To Prove He Can Step Up
To the Job of President

May 6, 2016, National section